what type of router to replace old bt voyager 105 usb adsl modem on aol ? (newbie)

  johnnyd473 21:41 02 Oct 2011

Hi there,

i want to replace my old bt voyager 105 usb adsl modem (on aol) with a wired router so i can run more things at once, like pc, xbox etc. but im not technical and dont have a clue what wired router would be suitable.

please can you help me out ? its important that i get a wired router as opposed to wireless,

many thanks in advance.

  onthelimit1 11:07 03 Oct 2011

Wireless routers are wired routers with a wireless facility as well, so any router would fit the bill. Most have 4 ethernet ports, but check the specs before you commit. The choice is vast, and a lot depends on how much you want to spend. A recent Which report found the Linksys to be OK. I've also used Netgear and Thompson without problems.

  Jollyjohn 11:08 03 Oct 2011

Ask AOL for one, they will probably charge postage and get you to sign for another year. This will be the cheapest way to get a router and if you should have any connection issues you will get help from AOL as it is their router.

  johnnyd473 14:33 09 Oct 2011

im specifically after a wired router as im concerned about the possible health impact of wireless technology and i want to reduce my exposure to microwave tech. thank you for your input i do appreciatte it.

would this wired router be ok for me ?


  Jollyjohn 14:49 09 Oct 2011

Yes it will be fine but if you have any connection issue then AOL will refer you to the router manufacturer who will refer you to AOL....................... You can switch off the wireless capability of the router AOL supply.

  rdave13 22:41 09 Oct 2011

*health impact of wireless technology *

'Wireless' i.e. radio waves have been around for years.

Didn't you know?

  onthelimit1 08:51 10 Oct 2011

Wireless routers are not the same as the emmisions you get from a mobile phone clamped to your ear for hours at a time.

  spuds 13:33 10 Oct 2011

Isn't AOL now part of the TalkTalk group, because if it is, then it might be on an LLU exchange arrangement.

I was reading an article recently about LLU and routers most suitable for that, because some routers while being compatible are not always the best. The article techies 'tested' a variety of well known makes, and came up with a surprising conclusion.

Not sure now, but the particular article might have been via either Think Broadband, Broadband Choices or Kitz. If I find the article, I will give further link details.

If you are looking into broadband, then there is some interesting information here http://www.kitz.co.uk/sites/site_index.htm

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