What Type of Router Do I need?

  Alf58 22:43 08 Jul 2005

Wonder if anyone can help.

I have two PCs networked together via an ethernet hub. My machine has a broadband connection via a Speedtouch modem and the other machine connects to the internet using my machine as an internet gateway. We also have two laptops with wireless cards which we use occasionally on an ad hoc basis and use my PC as the internet gateway (it has a PC wireless card as well). Althought this works fine, it is a waste to always have my machine switched on so my daughter can connect to the net. I have heard that using a router avoids the need to use an internet gateway and have been considering buying a Belkin.

Am I correct in thinking I need to purchase a Wireless router with a built in modem? I could then connect the two PCs to it via the existing wired network and the laptops could connect wirelessly as required.

If I replace my existing Speedtouch modem with a broadband enabled Wireless router will my existing (BT Yahoo) software function as normal or will there be endless compatibility issues?

My daughters machine of course has no BT Yahoo software drivers etc installed so how does it connect without my PC?

Will I continue to get my existing 2Mb connection speed with the new hardware? Can the Router simply be switched on and off as required or must be permanantly connected?

A lot of questions I know. Anybody got the answers. The salesman in my local PC World was rather vague.

  Dipso 23:41 08 Jul 2005

If you go for a combined modem/router, it should just be a case of inputting your BT Yahoo username and password into the router via it's web interface. There are no compatabilty problems.

You can connect all your PC's wirelessly if you wish, although it is advisable to have one PC wired to the router.

Your daughters PC no longer needs to connect to your PC (unless you want it to) as it connects directly to web through the router.

Your connection speed won't be affected.

You don't have to have the router on permanently if you prefer not to. Just switch it off or disconnect it after each session if you prefer, although if you have set up security adequately, there should be no need to do this.

I have a Netgear DG834G and found it very easy to set up.

  Forum Editor 23:47 08 Jul 2005

1. Yes, you are correct in thinking that a wireless router/modem combination will resolve the problem.

2. Your BT Yahoo software should function perfectly well with your new Belkin router (a good choice by the way), but in fact you don't need to use that software anyway - you can simply tell the router to provide your login details to the BT Yahoo server, and it will connect you automatically, every time it's switched on.

3. Your daughter's laptop will detect the wireless internet connection via its wireless network card, and will offer the connection to her. All she needs to do is tell her machine to connect, and your connection will become the default for her machine - subsequently she'll be connected each time she turns her computer on - provided the router is running of course.

4. Yes, you'll receive your 2Mb connection as before.

5. The router can indeed be switched on and off as you wish - it will automatically connect you when you turn it on. In fact it's an excellent idea not to leave a router running permanently on a connection when you're not using it. I turn my office and home office routers off every night, and on again in the morning; then they're left running all day.

I hope that helps?

  Forum Editor 23:49 08 Jul 2005

so you've had advice in stereo.

  Alf58 00:31 09 Jul 2005

Thank you both for the very useful information. Just to be clear, my daughter's PC connects via a wired ethernet connection: we have a Netgear Ethernet hub. The wireless capability is used occasionally when we bring our works laptops home. What I want is my PC and my daughters's PC to connect to the router via etherenet cable so one or both can connect to the net but without relying on the other PC to be on.

  Forum Editor 15:53 09 Jul 2005

to do that you must have a router that's connected to the internet via a modem, or a router that has a modem built in. Then any computer can connect - either wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable.

  Alf58 22:37 09 Jul 2005

I thank yaw!

  paddy6 11:47 13 Jul 2005

I have a PC and a laptop.
The PC has a belkin router connected to it and a separate zoom modem.
The laptop has a belkin wireless card.

The PC can see the router and the modem via Internet Explorer.

The laptop can see both as well.

The PC has internet connection without problems and so can the laptop.

But cannot get them to share files.

The laptop works fine all around the house for internet connection.

I am running Windows XP home on both
?? Any suggestions


  Dipso 13:59 13 Jul 2005

You might be better off starting a new thread about your problem as Alf58 has closed this and your post may get lost.

Do have a firewall enabled which could be stopping you file sharing?

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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