What type of memory does my Packard Bell PC use?

  Auron476 02:35 07 Jun 2003

I have a Packard Bell iMedia 5095 but since I bought it it has been discontinued. I have got DDR RAM but don't know what speed i.e. PC2100 etc

Can anyone please help?

  hugh-265156 02:46 07 Jun 2003

ive got an imedia 5051,also discontinued.

go to click here and select a manufacturer from the list top middle and follow it through and you will find out.

  hugh-265156 02:49 07 Jun 2003

had a look for ya.5095 is not listed for some reason

  goonerbill 07:10 07 Jun 2003

have you got the model correct. just looked at packard's u.k. site click here and its not listed there either

  -pops- 07:26 07 Jun 2003

Packard Bell will have the information in their records. Why not ask them?


  User-312386 09:37 07 Jun 2003

is DDR PC2100

are you sure you have the correct model?

  Auron476 10:34 07 Jun 2003

I have looked for the imedia 5095 on Packard Bells website but it ain't there. Since my model uses a Packard Bell Columbia II motherboard I checked out the next model up from mine, the iMedia 5097, it uses the same motherboard. In fact all the specs are nearly the same as mine. Will keep looking but any help would be great.

  User-312386 11:28 07 Jun 2003

go to your mobo manufacturer website

that will tell you what memomry you need

  hugh-265156 12:02 07 Jun 2003

i had another look for you on packard bells site and your motherboard is . gigabyte GA-8isml(nf)

click here

no other info available on the nf model but if its any use i have the revision 1 GA-8isml board and it supports DDR266 up to 1gig.

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