What type of Ink is used in HP Office jet 8720?

  Tapash Datta 11:28 09 Jan 2018

Hi all I am wondering what type of ink is used in HP Office jet 8720? I found these but not sure which one to buy. click here help would be appreciated. Thanks



  alanrwood 14:03 09 Jan 2018

I think the OP wants to know which type of ink is used ie pigment or dye so he can refill his existing cartridges.

He ought to be aware that some cartridges can not be refilled as the chip is what decides if a cartridge is empty or not. There are some replacement chips available on eBay (Usually from Hong Kong or China) which do reset themselves but don't usually give readings of how much ink is remaining. I think that HP Officejets use pigment ink but not absolutely sure

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