What is taking up all my disc space??

  Sammehrlich 02:16 13 Apr 2009

Hi, I have a relatively new sony viao. My biggest programs/files I have installed on it is 8GB of itunes & 6GB worth of photos. I am supposed to have 179GB of hard drive..........I have LESS than 1GB free!! I have searched & searched for files??? I can be browsing the internet & not using anything else & this figure changes?! On start up I check & it can say I have 4GB free of 179GB.......an hour later I will get all the usual 'low disc space' pop ups & there is less than 1GB??!

Someone suggested that I may have a rogue file.....but how do I identify it if this is the case? I'm not convinced it is this......but what else could be happening?

There is no restrictions on user accounts & file space available.

  Bob The Blob 05:19 13 Apr 2009

Run system tools/disk cleanup and choose "more options" and "clean up system restore and shadow copies".
This will delete all but the most recent restore point and usually claims back a lot more free space.

  radi8or 06:23 13 Apr 2009


Try click here it will show you all the folders and files on your drive and how much space they take up and it's free.

  Sammehrlich 02:25 14 Apr 2009


Thankyou :)

'Bob'.....I did do this & it gave me back 25GB! I still don't have what I think I should have though?!

'radi8or'.....I will try this too, thanks for the link.

  Sammehrlich 02:56 14 Apr 2009

Hi, I've discovered by using that great little link above that ProgramData/Symantec/Backup is using 113GB of space!! How can this be correct & why is it? I have online data storage which my Norton 360 uses to backup?

Can I just delete this file? All the other subfolders within Symantec are listed but have nothing in them.

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