what is svchost.exe

  Deano68 21:40 01 Jul 2003

can anyone tall me what svchost.exe is for? i have 4 times in task mngr under processes, twice for system, once for network service and once for local service! do i need them all to run? i run xp home, thanking you in advance

  VoG II 21:42 01 Jul 2003
  Deano68 22:05 01 Jul 2003

cheers for that

please be advised that the rightful svshost.exe is not the same as Svch0st.exe. check your system carefully for the latter as it is the Backdoor.graybird D spybot.click here

  -pops- 06:51 02 Jul 2003

horiz5 is somewhat wrong there. svshost.exe is a w32 spybot worm click here

The genuine item is svchost.exe and is a vital part of your operating system as VoG says.


brian as i meant to say this is a matter of case sensitivity, svchost.exe is vital as you say but SvchOst.exe is the backdoor graybird D. (follow the link to the symantec report)

the trouble is i made a spelling mistake in my post.

  -pops- 06:41 04 Jul 2003

Please re-read what I wrote. You mentioned svshost.exe. That is a w32 spybot worm. The correct item that should be installed is svchost.exe Note the "c" and not "s" as the third letter. If that is the spelling mistake you meant, then I thought it important enough to comment on.

I am certain that the worm was named like that to be less noticeable and to cause confusion - which it has here;-))


thankyou for pulling it up, that is the spelling mistake i meant.

i just want it to be clear for everyone else that svchost.exe is a legitimate part of windows whereas svshost.exe asyou point out is the w32 spybot worm. and Svch0st.exe is the backdoor.graybird D virus using a zero instead of an o to hide itself from casual inspection.

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