What is Support Soft Container

  Border View 16:10 05 May 2012

I run with Windows 7; I use Avast Anti-virus and Windows firewall. I am with o2 and use their wireless router. I have Spywareblaster, C.Cleaner and Superantispyware installed.

Every now and again when I click on certain sites I get the message that Internet Explorer has blocked this site because Support Soft Contaner /Support Soft Inc is trying to open. Nine times out of ten the connection is blocked.

Can anyone please tell me what this Support Soft Contaner and Support Soft Inc is and does it pose a danger.

Thank you in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:21 05 May 2012

You can check if the SupportSoft Container is associated with Comcast or it is the data recovery software.

SupportSoft Container is an identifier used by C:\Program Files\Comcast\Desktop Doctor\agent\bin\bcont_nm.exe.

This file is used by Comcast's ISP application Desktop Doctor to communicate your system details with Comcast technical support.

The software is supposed to solve the most common technical problems by prompting the user to download patches or drivers. You should always be very careful about communicating such detailed system information with an outside party.

Also it can be software used for data recovery. You can refer to the below links for assistance -



  Border View 16:37 05 May 2012

This has me puzzled. I don't recognise any of the above. Dont have comcast in my list of programs nor Desktop Doctor. Cannot understand how it has got onto my computer.

  Border View 16:51 05 May 2012

I have gone down the list of programs installed on my computer and the vast majority I recognise. I decided I no longer needed Open Office and uninstalled it. At the end of that process up popped the warning:

Internet Explorer Security

A website wants to open web content using this program on your computer.

This program will open outside of Protected mode. Internet Explorers Protected mode helps protect your computer. If you do not trust this website do not open this program.

Allow Dont Allow

Some of the programs in the list I dont recognise:

Install Shield Easy Saver B9.1214.1 ON_OFF Charge B10.0427.1

Any further comments would be more than appreciated.

  KRONOS the First 16:58 05 May 2012

Install Shield Easy Saver B9.1214.1 ON_OFF Charge B10.0427.1 is from your mobo maker.See this:

Based on GIGABYTE's unparalleled 3x USB power boost design, plus an entirely new hardware design, GIGABYTE ON/OFF Charge Technology provides a set of white and red colored USB pin headers that can easily be connected to your system's front USB 2.0 ports, that not only act as a normal USB port, but also double as a quick charge ports for your mobile device. It doesn't matter if your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is plugged into the quick charge USB port while the system is turned on, in sleep/standby mode, or even turned off, as it always enables you to charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

  john bunyan 16:59 05 May 2012

I would update and run SAS. Also download and rum free Malawarebytes.

  Border View 17:02 05 May 2012

Thanks Chronus so they are OK and I can forget about them.

Fruitbat - how do I track down on my computer where this Support Soft Inc is please. Will I then be able to get rid of it?

  Border View 17:08 05 May 2012

john bunyan - will do just that.

Never heard of Comcast, but wonder if its linked with o2 router and their helpline.

  KRONOS the First 17:08 05 May 2012

Try this.Supportsoft.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:50 05 May 2012

For example, it is included as part of a free application called NetXpert by the Airtel ISP in India.

Airtel launched NetXpert from SupportSoft, which makes troubleshooting an internet connection problem lot easier and may help avoid a phone call to their Help Center.

If you don't need automatic troubleshooting of your wireless connection, you don't need to let "NetXpert" or the "Supportsoft Container" run.

It appears that Dell may use the SupportSoft addin as well.

As usual, be aware that Maleware can assume the name of a benign applicatioin like this to try and hide under your radar.

  Border View 18:54 05 May 2012

Did an indepth scan with Superantispyware and it was all clear.

Followed the link for Supersoft and from that found in Task Manager Processes some called sprtcmd.exe*32 and it relates to My o2 Updates.

Wonder if it will affect my internet connection with O2 if I uninstall My o2 from the list of programs in the Control Panel.

Your advice would be appreciated.

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