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  charles60 17:54 18 May 2011

Hi I am just about to build my frist computer going to buy a ssd drive for windows etc ( already got a 1tb hard drive for my music films etc) the thing is i don't know what size to get and what make. What about this product or this Scan.co.uk: OCZ 120GB Vertex 2E SSD - Solid State Drive - OCZSSD2-2VTXE120G or shoud I go for something smaller like this? http://www.scan.co.uk/products/s60gb...-write-275mb-s Would be very grateful for any help given as it seems a right old jungle out there thanks PS also do they supply a bracket so it goes in a for 3.5" bay or do i have to buy that separate

  sunnystaines 18:35 18 May 2011

link text

pca did a review on ssd click on the link

  gengiscant 18:52 18 May 2011

It depends on your budget, I have this one SSD which has my operating system and about 50 programs and I still have 20 GB to use. And yes you do get a bracket. You have to remember that after you install your operating system you will need to move your libraries as they are called under windows 7 to your 1 Tb drive and also install all your games etc on the big drive.

  charles60 19:13 18 May 2011

Hi Glen how are you long time since been in touch just got back from Panang Malaysia rather expensive though with Lager £8 a Pint!!!!!!!!. Any way should soon start my build just a few more bits to get then I will be in touch if i get any problems with the build if that's OK with you hope you are keeping well. PS is there anything else I need to to buy with this SSD drive Cables etc Take care Eric

  charles60 19:19 18 May 2011

Sorry Glen what is the best make have been told this is the best one to go for (crucial ssd ) I would like to know what others think or are the makes really all the same

  charles60 19:23 18 May 2011

What about this one http://www.scan.co.uk/shop/computer-hardware/all/hard-drives-ssd/all

  gengiscant 20:14 18 May 2011

Your URL, Eric is just giving all the SSD's not the one you want me to look at. You will not notice any difference between the 2,I went for the Vertex because OCZ have an excellent reputation plus I was advised that I would not gain anything buy paying the extra for the Corsair, so its really up to you.

  charles60 22:44 18 May 2011

What about this one then glen its just hot off the press:OCZ Agility 3 60GB 2.5" SATA-3 Solid State Hard Drive (AGT3-25SAT3-60G) [AGT3-25SAT3-60G]

  charles60 22:47 18 May 2011

Glen how to i post the above on here to show what i mean.

  gengiscant 08:15 19 May 2011

Do you mean this one SSD It is still your choice as to which one you go for. As for adding a link.As you will have noticed there have been some changes to the PCA site whilst you have been away and not much for the better. Its now much more convoluted to add a link, but here goes. Copy the URL in the address bar that you want to paste then click on the little globe with the green arrow,in the box that appears right click the blue http:// then paste, then OK. You can then add a description of the link in between the brackets that you will see. If you want to add anything else add it after the brackets. Simple (I don't think so)

  charles60 10:21 19 May 2011

Good Morning Glen thanks for answering the above it does look simmler to the one in Overclockers News letter. What is the difference between a Santa II & Santa III please. also for some reason i have stopped getting e mails telling me I have received a answer to my question on this site it was OK until yesterday afternoon is this because of new layout of this site?

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