What speed DVD/CD disc do I need?

  katswhiskers 11:38 08 Mar 2007

I want to back up documents/pics/favourites/outlook express emails onto discs.

I have some DVD-RW discs at 4x speed and also some DVD+R at 1-16x speed.

What is the difference between the speeds and is it possible to use the wrong one and muck up my laptop?

Thanks in advance.

  Jackcoms 12:02 08 Mar 2007

"What is the difference between the speeds"

Simplistically, the 1-16 speed disc will write/record data at up to 4x faster than the 4x speed disc.

"is it possible to use the wrong one and muck up my laptop?"

No. The speeds are just that - one is faster than the other.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 16:14 08 Mar 2007

Your burner will be the determining factor in the write speed.

  Totally-braindead 19:07 08 Mar 2007

I wouldn't use the DVDRW as backups they are too unstable. Better to use either DVD + or - or even CDRs.

  terryf 00:21 09 Mar 2007

Consider buying an external USB hard drive and backup on that, much quicker and easier.

  @[email protected]!c 01:28 09 Mar 2007

i read today on a dvd disc from samsung that using the wrong speed disc will or may get corrupt etc when burning...i have a 4x dvd writer and i used a 16x speed disc but all seemed fine...probably dependant on certain factors but it was ok for me.. kind regards akanic

  katswhiskers 18:57 09 Mar 2007

Totally-braindead - Are DVDRW's good for anything then? Are CDRWs any good for backup?

terryf - I thought about an external USB hard drive, but read somewhere that some laptops can't cope with them. If I don't get a USB one the cost is more! I only have a 40GB hard drive - any suggestions on what kind of external hard drive I should get?

@[email protected]!c - On my laptop it says my DVD Rewriter is 2.4x. I phoned the manufacturer and he said I could use the discs I have.

Thanks everyone :)

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