HANAH 11:38 13 Apr 2005

Hi. I'm not very techie so please reply in baby terms! I'm about to buy a new PC and have been asked whether I'll need a sound card or graphics card. So, I'm wondering what is a sound card and what is a graphics card and why would I need them?

  PsiFox 11:50 13 Apr 2005

Yoda Knight

Everyone starts somewhere


Look here

click here

  pj123 12:06 13 Apr 2005

I don't think you can buy a computer without sound or graphics (whether it's a card or onboard)

Perhaps that is what they meant. Do you want a computer with a separate sound card and graphics card or do you want a computer with onboard sound and graphics.

My computer has onboard sound and graphics and it does all I want it to.

If you want to play games though you may need higher spec sound and graphics but you can always buy them later and then all you need to do is disable the oboard ones.

  Indigo 1 12:06 13 Apr 2005

To try to be a little more clear.

A soundcard is a replaceable section of the PC that produces sounds for speakers or headphones. It will have sockets on it for speakers and a microphone.

A graphics card produces pictures for you monitor it is also removable and upgradeable.

Generally most PC's have them 'built-in' to the mainboard but it is much better to have at least the graphics on a removeable card.

This is a very good site for explaining stuff like that, click here take a look at the Multimedia section.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 12:16 13 Apr 2005

sound cards and graphics cards come in 2 flavours
1 onboard 2 addon.

It really depends on what sort of things you are going to use your computer for.
If you are just using it for basic computing word processing etc the former would probably suffice,

however if you want to use it for gaming multimedia music etc then you should consider the later.

With a view to your question a graphics card wether onboard or addon is a must your monitor can't live without one sound card optional as to wether you require a sound function with your pc.

  HANAH 13:01 13 Apr 2005

Trust me: this is not a wind up. I seriously have no idea what a sound card or graphics card is.

  HANAH 13:04 13 Apr 2005

Thanks to all that replied. I am now slowly working through the links you've posted.
Just wanted to know though, if I ordered a custom made PC, it would still have basic onboard sound card/graphics card capability, wouldn't it?

  octal 13:13 13 Apr 2005

Speak to the people that you want to build your computer, I think they should be able to guide on what you need after asking questions on what you want to use your computer for. Above all, shop around and have a look at some of the postings on this forum to get a gauge on how some of these companies operate, some good some not so.

This usually a good place to start click here

Good luck.

  PsiFox 13:13 13 Apr 2005

if I ordered a custom made PC, it would still have basic onboard sound card/graphics card capability

Depends on what you choose really.

Post your spec here or a link and we can advise further

  Yoda Knight 13:13 13 Apr 2005

depends if the motherboard you choose has it built in or not

  Technotiger 13:13 13 Apr 2005

Hi, in answer to your last question - Yes.


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