What sort of wire is this?

  polo 12:32 11 Oct 2008

Is this an ethernet wire? It's blue, is made by Belkin, has end fittings which go into ethernet sockets and has this written on it :-
category 5A patch cable #R7J304 Verified category 5a 4pr 24 AWG TypeCM UL C(UL) CMG E126126-DG CSA LL58663 ETLVerified ToTIA/EIA 568A. Sorry to sound so dim about these things but I want to know if it will do to connect a computer to the the wireless router (non-wirelessly that is of course).
Cheers Polo

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:39 11 Oct 2008

It sounds like an ethernet cable...try it and see.


  rawprawn 12:39 11 Oct 2008

As long as your computer has an Ethernet socket it sounds OK, plug it in and try it.

  peter99co 12:40 11 Oct 2008

If the ends fit the sockets it make sense. Mine is red but is also 3m long maybe blue is a different length.

Ethernet plugs and sockets are pretty specific

  Technotiger 13:13 11 Oct 2008

Definitely an Ethernet cable.

  polo 13:43 11 Oct 2008

It's about 10 meters long.

  rawprawn 13:46 11 Oct 2008

Coil it up and plug it in.

  peter99co 13:47 11 Oct 2008

Vigin supply them 30 meters long

(mobile internet connection?) Joke!

  Technotiger 13:52 11 Oct 2008

Just plug it in, nothing is going to blow-up!

  polo 14:02 11 Oct 2008

It looks like an ethernet cable, it smells like one and it tastes like one and all you helpful people seem to think it is one, so it very likely is an ethernet cable!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:09 11 Oct 2008

Yes Belkin supply a blue ethernet cable with some of their routers.

You use it to connect the router to the PC so you can run the supplied CD and configure the router.

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