What sort of file is 0000.chk

  Border View 14:03 15 Dec 2003

I run Windows 98SE. It's not very often I go into Windows Explorer, but today when I did I noticed a whole list of files with the Windows Icon followed by 0000.chk 0001.chk etc.

Can anyone please advise what these files are for. When I clicked on one, I got the box asking what program I wanted to open the file in. Didn't came straight here.

  Border View 14:11 15 Dec 2003

Thanks for responding - can I delete them or just leave them where they are?

  Border View 14:14 15 Dec 2003

Thanks for that. Will tick resolved.

  Taff36 14:15 15 Dec 2003

Yes delete them. They are created when scandisk runs (often after a bad shut down and subsequent restart) and can if I remember correctly be used to "undo" changes made by scandisk if necessary.

  Border View 14:20 15 Dec 2003

Thanks Taff36

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