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  Glyn 09:32 29 Aug 2004

I want to scan inages (passport to A5) and to resize them so that you get a good size image when viewed on a PC. I've just bought Data Becker Instant Photo Scanner but it keeps chopping bits off the image and no two attempts at a scan give the same result. In work I've got HP Director and it's great but I don't think its available as a stand alone package. At home I've a HP PSC500 3-in-1.


  [DELETED] 09:44 29 Aug 2004

Why not scan them straight into your image editing software. As far as I am aware virtually all these progs are able to do this. Often on the file menu as Import.

  Pesala 09:50 30 Aug 2004

It is free, has oodles of options for converting and resizing images, and is far faster to load than bloated image editing programs. The executable file is just 421 Kbytes. Download from click here

See my website for some tutorials and a quick guide to its many features: click here

However, if you need to retouch images to remove scratches etc.,you will need a photo-editing program. Serif Photoplus 5.5 is free from click here The Serif forum click here (having server problems at the moment) is a good place to get help on using it. You need to register your email address on downloading the freeware, but you can unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive emails about upgrade options from Serif. The upgrades are worthwhile if you are serious about image editing.

  Taw® 12:53 30 Aug 2004

for me

  Glyn 20:31 30 Aug 2004

I tried John's sugestion. Simple when you know how.

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