what software . mpeg3 to pcm ?

  pinka 14:00 28 Sep 2003

im converting mpeg layer 3 audio to pcm , what programs do you guys use ?

  Proxy worm 14:03 28 Sep 2003

have a look on click here

  pinka 14:07 28 Sep 2003

cant find anything on there that does what i need . more details - im backing up my dvd's and to do this im first converting them to avi , im currently using the freeware decompressor contained in avi2vcd but find it unreliable .

  Proxy worm 14:11 28 Sep 2003

i have seen these sorts of things on downloads.com but search it on click here as there is enough free software to do that!

hope that helps

  pinka 23:33 28 Sep 2003

im really looking for programs that people have used and can vouch for than links to search sites . but thanks .

  pinka 12:10 29 Sep 2003

for those who want to know .... AVI compression converter v1.1

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