What software do I need to use my CD writer?

  GinaG 23:08 01 Jun 2004

I have CD Rom and CDRW drives on my computer but when I insert a disc with images or data into the drive, it tells me that the drive is not accessible. What do I need to do to read and write data to CDs?

  stalion 23:11 01 Jun 2004

most members recommend nero. Regards

  SANTOS7 23:15 01 Jun 2004

agree with stalion, i use NERO-6 very reliable easy to use, hope this is usefull

  Belatucadrus 23:21 01 Jun 2004

Here are a couple of free CD Burners :- DeepBurner , click here ,
CDBurnerXP Pro click here However you shouldn't need anything extra to read from a CD. Do either of your drives read any disks or are just a few giving problems ?

  GinaG 23:33 01 Jun 2004

It seems to be every CD that I put in the drive. Any ideas?

  woodchip 23:38 01 Jun 2004

It should read CD's even without software try other CD's if they do not work go to Right click My computer\Properties Device Manager and remove the drive and restart to let Windows reconfigure the drive

  Belatucadrus 10:41 02 Jun 2004

"I'm not sure what's going on with my Cdrw. It won't format any discs on either e:/ or d:/ and won't read any that have been formatted with data on other computers. Not sure if the software it was meant to come with was ever installed (creative)....any ideas?"

To be honest this doesn't sound like a software problem as CD drives, be they rom or rw don't need any additional software to be read by the PC. If its hardware then it may not be something fixable via forum. Try Woodchips suggestion and if that doesn't work check all the drive cables are firmly in place.

If you do open the case remember to unplug the PC from the mains and use a radiator to de-static yourself.

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