what is this? software distribution service 3.0

  chickabookins 13:15 05 Mar 2009

i asked on here a few weeks back asking why i cant get onto the internet, it just comes up with a little clock saying found website waiting for reply, well... i done everything what everyone told me to try in that post and i think ive found whats stopping me, its called software distribution service 3.0 please can someone tell me what that means and do i need it? how do i unistall it etc.... the reason why i think its this is because when i go and do a system restore to an earlier time (as thats only way i can get onto internet) its that what comes up sayin its been installed
sorry to ramble thankyou sam

  oldbeefer2 13:29 05 Mar 2009

Put it into Google - there are lots of threads there about this problem (did you start in Safe Mode before trying a system Restore?).

  chickabookins 14:42 05 Mar 2009

ive tried looking on google before i posted on here but i stil have no idea what it is, but have noticed quite a lot of people are havin problems, in the add/remove programes from your comp how do i no which 1 to delete as it doesnt say! also how do i turn off my automatic updates yikes, im ever so sorry about this im not very clever with comps when things go wrong :(
thankyou sam

  iscanut 14:53 05 Mar 2009

Thought there was plenty of info on Google and Microsoft site. The program is installed by Microsoft to assist in the regular monthly downloads and installation of it's updates. To turn off auto updates, go to Control Panel, Security Centre and go to the Automatic Updates icon and turn it off.

  birdface 16:16 06 Mar 2009

[software distribution service (kb943460)] This is the one causing the problem.Run Microsoft Updates manually.When kb943460 appears click on the little + sign on the left hand side.Another box will appear underneath.Just tick the box not to show update again.That will stop it reappearing.You can always reverse it at another time if you ever want to download it again.

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