What size is my hard drive?

  Skeletor 13:05 11 Apr 2003

Ooh er misses!.... Seriously though. Can anyone tell why my PC, which according to advertised literature, sales assistant and the sticker on the case has an 80GB hard drive, but when I look anywhwere else on the PC (Hard disk Properties for example) it tells me I only have a total size of 39GB.I have tried a "Restore" thinking maybe I had done something stupid. Am I missing something here, or should I go back to the store.
Thanks in advance.

  stlucia 13:09 11 Apr 2003

It doesn't have a C:\ and a D:\ drive does it, each of about 40Gb? That would mean the HDD has been partitioned.

If not, take it back.

  Paranoid Android 13:16 11 Apr 2003

Check the HDD size reported by BIOS.

It does sound a bit spooky though.


  TOPCAT® 13:21 11 Apr 2003

Download and install the free Belarc Advisor from click here

BA will show everything installed on your PC, plus, if you click the little asterisks, exactly where it is too. Try it and see. TC.

  Skeletor 15:37 11 Apr 2003

Thanks Topcat, I tried the Belarc Advisor, which told me that I have 41.89GB Usable Hard Drive Capacity and 34.82GB Hard drive Free Space. I guess that makes about 80GB. Which doesnt make much sense to me, because if its "Free space" doesnt that mean its "Usable". Ive heard of Hidden partitions so maybe thats the problem! If so, how do I unhide it? Heeeeeelllllp.
Thanks Paranoid Android, I looked In BIOS. I couldnt see anything about Hard drives. It was my first time in BIOS (It looked a bit scary).

  -pops- 15:45 11 Apr 2003

The 34.82 is most likely part of the 41.89, not in addition to it. It seems you are missing 40GB or thereabouts. Are you brave enough to look on the case of the hard drive itself?


  DieSse 15:45 11 Apr 2003

It means you have a 40 ish capacity drive, of which you used around 7, leaving 35 ish free.

Not exactly 80Gb tho' is it?

What does the BIOS report it as in the power up screen?

Try starting with a boot floppy and running FDISK, and just view the properties (you can't do that with WinXP and NTFS tho').

Or download Seatools and get it to give you a report on the drive.

  pj123 15:48 11 Apr 2003

What Belarc Advisor is your total capacity is 40gb and you have 34gb space left on it.

If you are under the impression that it is an 80gb hard drive I think I would take it back and let the supplier explain.

  TOPCAT® 16:17 11 Apr 2003

Look under 'Drives' - below 'Operating system' in BA - and it should say the make, model number and capacity of the hard drive. TC.

  The Sack 16:51 11 Apr 2003

Check that Logical Block Addressing (LBA) is enabled in the BIOS

  Skeletor 23:00 11 Apr 2003

Thanks to all for your suggestions. It seems that the HDD is 80GB after all. I installed Drive Image 2002 several days ago and as far as I remember one of the options is to create a Hidden Partition.....I think that is what Ive done. So, the question now is how do I get the 40GBs back? Bearing in mind I never used it in the first place.

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