what size HDD

  danolito 17:14 02 Aug 2005

I'm buying a hard drive to use as a slave drive, as I want to backup everything on my system, what size hard drive do I need? I use my computer for emails and surfing the web, the HDD in my system is 40GB.and can someone tell me the best place to buy one,

  Magic Hobo 17:33 02 Aug 2005

If you want a hard drive primarily for backup then i'd say get an 80gb drive. Even though this is twice as big as your current one it means that if you ever upgrade your 40gb one to something larger then you dont need to buy another drive for backup if you see what i mean.

Here is a 40gb drive click here

And here is an 80gb drive
click here

I'd go with the 80gb one as it only costs £4 more.And if backup is al you need it for then it will do fine.

  ade.h 17:38 02 Aug 2005

Most people tend to suggest buying a large drive because it's better value. True, but why buy a 200GB drive if you only need 40 to 60GB? Just buy what you need with room to spare, as per the above suggestion.

Of perhaps more importance is the choice of manufacturer. I have had four Western Digitals that have not skipped a beat in two and a half years. Seagate is also very good. Maxtor; not bad. IBM Hitachi; iffy. Tried them all, and WD wins hands down.

As for where to buy; that's trickier. I used to use click here but would no longer recommend it. Ebuyer is generally quite good and the prices are fair.

  Al94 17:44 02 Aug 2005

For similar money you can collect on of these at your local PCW store click here

  danolito 18:05 02 Aug 2005

Thanks to everyone for the help

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