What size hard drive?

  mikejd1972 19:17 03 Jun 2005

I am thinking of adding a second hard drive to my system, XP Home SP2, AMD AthlonXP 2600+, BIOS American Megatrends version 8 (dated 15/8/03).

My current hard drive is a 120gb Maxtor 6Y120L0 IDE ATA133.

I am thinking of getting a maxtor diamondmax 10, 250gb or 300gb, to add as a second drive. I sent an email to MESH whom I bought the computer off and they said that the max size I could add was 200gb.

Is this correct? IT guy at work said i could add a 300gb drive though, I'm confused!



  TomJerry 19:20 03 Jun 2005

large HDD limit is 137GB, if it takes 200GB, then 300 should be OK. In any case, you can use Maxtor's maxblast software to prepare it

  SEASHANTY 19:28 03 Jun 2005

As TomJerry says just download the Maxblast 4 for Windows utility from the Maxtor website
click here and set it all up without even shutting down Windows XP. Keep this utility in your Program Files after using. It will come in handy should you need to reset partitions or file system.

  mikejd1972 19:51 03 Jun 2005

Thanks for that! I've downloaded the MaxBlast software, seems simple enough, install the hard drive and then run the software, job done!

Just got to decide which size hard drive to get, 250 or 300, decisions decisions! One to discuss in the pub tonight :-)Be one of these two:

click here

click here

  bremner 19:57 03 Jun 2005

One thing you have not mentioned is cooling.

The Maxtor 250GB drives get very hot and require good airflow over them. If you are going to put it in a standard Mesh case as a slave right above or below the existing drive then you really need to consider an additional case fan.

We use 80GB, 120GB & 160GB Maxtor drives as a matter of course and until a while ago 250GB's. As a result of several failures with the 250GB models, which appeared to be heat related, we now buy Hitachi 250GB's, none of which have failed to date.

  mikejd1972 20:02 03 Jun 2005

do the hitachi ones got similarly as hot? since the drive will go directly between the existing hard drive and the floppy drive

  bremner 20:05 03 Jun 2005

Any 250GB will get hot - we have found that the Hitachis do not get as hot as the Maxtors.

I would strongly recommend that you move the drives around to give the 250GB more air circulation and get an additional case fan.

  mikejd1972 20:09 03 Jun 2005

Problem is I have a small case with not much room, perhaps i had better look for a drive a bit smaller, perhaps 160 or 200

  SEASHANTY 20:26 03 Jun 2005

Must admit they do get hot and it does cause problems if you install one over the other without additional cooling. In my third PC which is a Medion P4 2.55GHz I installed a 120GB HDD directly over the other 120GB drive (this PC has no floppy drive so there was space above the second drive) However the drives were frequently going over critical temp 50C after less than two hours running so I have had to remove the second drive and install this in a caddy so its now an external USB2 drive. I've also installed an additional 120mm fan in the PC near to the HDD. The free edition of the PC utility EVEREST HOME from Lavalys.com will keep a check on your drive and motherboard temps. Also some drive monitoring free software from
click here

  SEASHANTY 10:00 04 Jun 2005

There is also a report on a webpage which I noted some time ago that the newer 7200rpm drives run at higher temperatures than the 5400rpm drives. Stated that unless you particularly need the slightly faster response of the 7200 you should, in preference, use 5400 for cooler running. The 5400 drives also tend to be cheaper.

  gudgulf 10:21 04 Jun 2005

If you have restricted space and cooling may be an issue why not consider an external hard drive click here

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