What size CPU upgrade can i have

  malador55 10:38 06 Mar 2004

I have a Packard Bell iconnect, with a 800 megahertz Intel celeron cpu. My manual says i have a Houston 3+ motherboard (but Belarc says it is a GIGABYTE i810 1.3A). I believe it is a PGA 370 socket.I want to change the processor but dont know what megahertz it will take. Also does it have to be an Intel celeron or could it be replaced with a pentium processor, and do i have to change anything else. If i have not given enough info please ask for more and i will try and give it.

  bremner 11:09 06 Mar 2004

click here
for some details.

Above the BIOS section it says

"Adding RAM is the most cost effective way to boost your computer's performance"

If you do not currently have 512MB this is undoubtedly a better way of adding speed to your system. Any processor upgrade is going to have a hardly noticeable impact on performance.

  malador55 11:16 06 Mar 2004

Thanks for that link bremner i currently have 256 mb ram. Will consider 512 before looking at processor.

  bremner 11:48 06 Mar 2004

I have looked to see a difinitive maximum CPU size for the i810 chipset but no luck so far.

An educated guess (from the link I gave you above) is that it will not be much more than the 800Mhz you currently have.

  malador55 11:48 06 Mar 2004

bremner, may i ask, should i decide to upgrade the processor, the spec you pointed me to says: supports intel celeron PPGA 366.66, 400/66,433/66, 466/66, 500/66 MHz and faster. Just how much faster?. Then the pentium says: 600/100, 650/100, 700/100 MHz and faster. What are these figures?

  bremner 12:16 06 Mar 2004

The first number is the clock speed the next the speed of the front side bus.

How much faster is what I have been unable to ascertain. This will be down to the chipset - the Intel i810 - and /or any BIOS upgrades.

My point is that the max is unlikely to be in excess of 1GHz and the difference will result in a neglible improvement in performance.

What will make a noticeable difference is a doubling of your RAM

  malador55 21:03 06 Mar 2004

bremner, thanks for your help and info.

  bretsky 22:07 06 Mar 2004

Latest issue of pca(April 2004)devotes a section on this very subject, upgrading your processor the pro & cons types of sockets, number of pins, clock speeds, Amd and Ps etc etc

bretsky ;0)

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