What should you see on the boot up screen ?

  Giggle n' Bits 00:31 27 Dec 2003

When booting into XP on a new machine you get a big screen with White text on the black background.

in the lover hand section(Bottom half of window/screen) I see the devices that are there on the machine like seriel buss controller.

Should you see communications device if a internal modem is fitted. I am trying to establish if there is a conflict with my AGP Grpahics card as I suspect its causing a possible communication/COMM Port block.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:43 27 Dec 2003

I have AGP grahpics card fitted, CD Wrtr, DVD, HDD USB ports are enabled.

I see I have 4x seriel Bus controllers on IRQ 10
IDE Controller on IDE 14/15
Multimedia device on IRQ 3
Display controller on IRQ 11

All apart from the Display controller is listed as Bus No.1 Device No. 0, function 0 & vendor Id: 10DE

will fit internal modem and I expect that no communications line will show this is why I think I have a conlfict and suspect the AGP card.

  DAG88 01:05 27 Dec 2003

i think it depends on your CMOS. On my old PC it didnt show anything just a bar loading, my new one does

  Gongoozler 09:05 27 Dec 2003

Hi Kallita, I think most of the messages are referring to motherboard resources. Device manager is a much better place to look for conflicts. AGP graphics cards rarely conflict for resources as long as the pci slot adjacent to the AGP slot isn't used, because in many (or perhaps even in most) motherboards those two slots share resources. If you have a resource conflict, this should be indicated in Device Manager by a yellow exclamation mark.

  DieSse 11:58 27 Dec 2003

A modem is normally shown as a Serial Port/Bus Controller.

Try entering the BIOS, go to the PCI/PNP page, set the PNP OS installed to YES, set the Resources Controlled By to AUTO, and set the Reset Configuration Data to ENABLED (this will automatically reset to Disabled after the reboot).

Then store and reboot.

This forces the system and OS to re-evaluate all the IRQ and other resuurce settings, and "usually" sorts out conflicts.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:41 27 Dec 2003

Merry Christmas to you all and hope Santa bought you everything.

Gongoozler, I have no yellow Exlamation marks in the device manager.

DieSse, Yes I have Serial Bus Controllers showing before fitting the PCI Modem and after, I was expecting to see listed "communications device" when fitting the PCI modem nothing extra showed.

PNP O/s is "Enabled", Resources are on Auto, Reset Config is Enabled

When you say Store, i take it you mean Save Changes on Exit ?

i am probably just being paranoid ?

It seems to pause for about 10 seconds on this screen before going to the next screen which is the XP Strobe screen. Boot time is 30 seconds.

  DieSse 15:30 27 Dec 2003

You didn't say if your modem was working or not - is it?

You didn't say what your problem is - only what you thought may be a cause. If you can tell us what the actual symptoms of your problem are, someone may be able to help more.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:39 27 Dec 2003

to the WinXP sceen on boot, the one where it shows like several stobes then moves on to the Welcome then into the Desktop screen.

It stays 10 seconds at the screen which shows all them IRQ's, the UDMA's for the Drives etc. You know, the one which is a full window of white text on black background.

I have built a few comptuers before and this window has never shown itself when booting into XP desktop.

When I disconnect the Secondary IDE DVD and sec Slave CD Wrtr it doesn't show it.

Thank M8 DieSse for the Re-Call.

  woodchip 20:43 27 Dec 2003

Each computer is different, depending on Hardware and configuration

  Giggle n' Bits 20:50 27 Dec 2003

I am trying to find out if a new pc I have put together should take 10 seocnds at the Boot screen which shows the IRQ's, UDMA channels for the drives etc. It just seems to me that other computers I have built in the past didn't hang around on this screen and on occassions it wasn't even visable, it was the case of power the pc on itt wakes the monitor up then shows the XP Splash where the strobe's are then into the desktop but this machine shows the White on Black text screen under windows.

I am interested in trying out a utilty called BootVis is anyone knows a safe place to download this.

  woodchip 21:05 27 Dec 2003

Try this one it may work for you Bla.zip it checks the time of each item to start at boot. and can point you in the right direction to look for probs click here

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