what should i do when i got a scam

  erictang1234 22:36 13 Jan 2017

I was browsing the websites. The page came up and showed me to call a number to get computer support. the guy pretended a technician from Microsoft.He told me my PC got infection and firewall damaged. I let him access my computer. finally i realized it was scam. I didt give him my credit card info.but i am worried about if he stole something from my PC. what is best way to prevent this problem . should i restore my PC?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:37 13 Jan 2017

I let him access my computer. should i restore my PC?

yes and scan for malware

  bumpkin 00:24 14 Jan 2017

This is a long running scam. Do as Fruit Bat says and then backup everything, preferably to an external drive. Not a bad idea to change all of your pins and passwords as you do not know what may have been accessed.

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