What should i change in my PC build?

  McNutterz 19:41 15 Jan 2012
  mr-greenkey 20:35 15 Jan 2012

Don't really need professional but if you want it, at that price you might as well get it :)

I'm no professional but I wouldn't say there's much you need to change at all, you don't need the i5 2500k unless you intend on overclocking if you want to keep the processor the same just get the i5 2500.

  McNutterz 21:54 15 Jan 2012

Ok thanks i will look into it !

  KRONOS the First 05:55 16 Jan 2012

Why have you stared a second thread? Original.

You are still spending too much on a PSU,it also is not rated very highly.

What happened to your choice of components in your January 13, 2012 at 11:43PM in your original post? Drop the i5 2500k to an i5 2500 as suggested and you have a good dry good build.

  markd71 23:22 17 Jan 2012

The psu is crap......... poor reviews, also with an i5 for gaming you need a decent psu, min power 850w. Try OCZ Technology 850W Max Performance Modular PSU

  mr-greenkey 16:39 18 Jan 2012

@markd71 Haha! That's a harsh way of putting it!

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