What is the shelf life of compatible brand ink car

  RickySmith 10:55 09 Oct 2009

I would like to know about shelf life of compatible brand ink cartridges? How much it is important?

  mooly 11:15 09 Oct 2009

Should be date stamped... my experience of Epson compatables in general was dire. Only use Jettecs now.

  jack 11:38 09 Oct 2009

It all depends where it is kept.
As carts have a breather hole somewhere they are prone to evaporation- thus the ink thickens- thus - jet failure in Epsons in particular- in warm conditions.
Thermal ink jets[Head in Cart] If when not in use
keep in a snap shut poly bag wirth some damp tissue and in the fridge.
Epson type and others that are merely 'tanks' with head in machine - once in use keep then in use with regular printing of full a colour page so that dry out does not occur.

  Stuartli 11:41 09 Oct 2009

I've used Epson compatible cartridges for about three years (R300); all have had the Best By information, have been supplied in a sealed foil bag and all have worked as intended.

I keep my R300 switched on permanently to prevent any printing problems and to avoid completely unnecessary cleaning routines if I had to switch it on before each printing session.

  keef66 11:43 09 Oct 2009

I reckon that's what did for my last Canon printer. Buying compatibles, cheaper if you bought 2 or more of each, so ended up using less than perfectly fresh ink and eventually blocked the printed head irreparably.

Sticking to Canon with the replacement machine for the time being. (we're printing less anyway since the kids ar hardly ever at home anymore)

  BT 16:34 09 Oct 2009

Epson Compatibles from Choice - Think+ & Inkrite brands have use before dates on the bottom of the cartons. Some I bought early this year say 10/2010, so we're looking at about 18 months or so.

  RickySmith 06:01 12 Oct 2009

Are there any factors which affect this shelf life of cartridges?

  mooly 07:21 12 Oct 2009

Temperature affects any chemical product. Cooler the better within reason, say between 8 and 25 degrees C at most.

  Stuartli 09:49 12 Oct 2009

25 degrees C is 77 degrees Fahrenheit..:-))

  RickySmith 05:47 13 Oct 2009

it might be true, i think there are some factors like hot- cold environment, dust, types of use etc.. affects the shelf life of cartridge, I think so.

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