What setting should I have my PC resolution on with LG TV? (Please Read)

  robbieg 23:55 01 Jun 2011

I have my PC set up to my LG TV 32", however I'm confused between the best setting for it.

Bare in mind the PC is plugged into the TV through the VGA cable (I don't have a HD cable from PC to TV right now) & it always gives me a choice of two settings but the following happens.

  1. LG TV (which says is recommended) - which is nice BUT texts & fonts don't display very clearly (They're readable but not as clear as the following setting)

  2. Generic Non-PnP Monitor - 1024 x 768 - Landscape (Text looks fantastic, spot on & clear but things are stretched (IE Website backgrounds that may fit the site perfectly for pictures at the sides could then be covered up by most the websites content)) - This sometimes slips to display when the PC has gone into stand by then woke up again.

In option 2, while on Yahoo answers (for example), the blue background is barely seen, basically the white part with the content in is stretched across the website with only minimal blue at the back (which isn't good for sites with background content)

What would be the best option here? I really would love to have a HD cable plugged into my TV from the PC as that should then make the text clear & readable shouldn't it, as it is on the 'Generic Non-PnP setting) right? .. I just have no idea how to do this or what I need etc... in regards to outputs & leads.

I'm on Windows 7 & my graphics card is Nvidia Geforce 6150SE nForce 430

Thanks to all who respond, I appreciate this!

  birdface 00:16 02 Jun 2011

On W/7 64 Bit my resolution is set at 1680x1050 that is using a 23" Samsung Monitor/Television.

Not sure what yous should be but thought that I would let you know what mine was set at.

  ashleycardwell94 17:41 02 Jun 2011

I also have a 32". my picture seems best at 1440 x 900

  robbieg 21:35 02 Jun 2011

My PC automatically detects LGTV (Unless atfer the screen saver it sometimes slips to Generic No Monitor setting which is only available when that happens), the resolution highest is 1360 x 758 (reccomended) & 800 x 600 at the lowest, also I have a 'Landscape' & 'Portrait' option (as well as both these flipped).

As mentioned on original post when on the non LGTV setting, the fonts & text look perfect, but everything is widescreen & stretched, leaving not much background, however on LGTV setting, everything is perfect except .... text & fonts, which I really want to have sorted.

Confusing ... 1280 x 768 does seem slightly better, but it's still a little slightly fuzzy on certain fonts/letters, if only the font was a crystal clear as the non generic setting then it would be perfect!

  robbieg 21:36 02 Jun 2011

Just to add, if I change to 1280 x 720, half my desktop cuts off but again fonts are perfect!!

  woodchip 21:41 02 Jun 2011

You need HDMI DVI to get text right. VGA is not very good even with a PC socket on the TV

  robbieg 21:46 02 Jun 2011

I've done it!!!!!! Thank you guys for the advice here!

I had to change my resolution to 1280 x 720 for perfectly clear text .... then go into the actual TV settings & change the picture size itself so it fit on the screen (doing the setting only on PC made the screen move left & cut off at the left hand side where the desktop is & recycle bin etc..), so i moved the screen across & changed the picture setting in my LG TV settings on the TV itself .... now finally after months of horrible looking text it's spot on & I'm happy.

Thanks guys for putting in some input here, I do genuinely appreciate it .. if anyone else is having the same problems, save this thread, it looks fantastic once set up right :-)

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