what security software???

  £$£$£$ 14:41 02 Jun 2004

ive recently ordered a new computer and i am waiting for it to arrive.
ive been wondering what firewall and anti virus software to us.
ive been told that mcafee is about the best but its going to cost £50 which is not a problem if thats the best way to go. i know norton will cost around the same, but ive been told by a few people that it aint as good as mcafee.
ive got a copy of panda platinum firewall with either 30 days or 3 months of anti virus updates so thats the cheap option.but id rather have the best protection then save a few £'s.
also ive got a friend that norton will that programme work ok on my pc.

  Gaz 25 14:47 02 Jun 2004

Its questionable to which is the best antivirus....

I use panda platinum, and its detected any nasties automatically, updates itself daily and automatically.

Works well!

  Fruit Bat 15:03 02 Jun 2004

click here for free software antivirus spycheckers stopupblocker etc.

  pj123 15:07 02 Jun 2004

Why not try the free ones for a bit and see how they go. I use AVG antivirus from click here and also Outpost Firewall free from (sorry I forgot the website, but someone else will surely tell you). Zonealarm is another good free firewall. There is also Adaware and Spybot to consider, and Spywareblaster also free.

  alan227 15:40 02 Jun 2004

click here
I have used AVG antivirus and ZA firewall for over a year now with no problems.
The link is to the free version of Zone Alarm

  Gaz 25 15:43 02 Jun 2004

click here is good and its free. Its only a firewall though, you need antivirus aswell.

  Belatucadrus 15:55 02 Jun 2004
  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:10 02 Jun 2004

There is no reason to pay for a firewall or an AV. AVG has served myself and a mailing list of over 70 people well, so any of the myriad of tests (all giving varying results) can shove it ;-))) Your chances of getting hacked are virtually nil so any free firewall will do.


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