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  gary.st 19:23 26 Oct 2011

Hi everyone , and thanks for taking the time to read this post , I'm sure the question has been asked a 100 times . First of I'm using my phone right now I don't have a pc to upgrade etc , looking for something second hand and cheap as possible . I want to use it to store and play music , surf the net , download and stream movies through my tv . Store pictures and do basic editing to them . And the usual net surfing , play online poker no other gaming at all I have looked on eBay but have no idea which one is better than the next and if they are good or bad lol . The best reply would be one that said buy this pc in this link . One other thing how can I be sure a pc has in it what the seller says it has . Any tips or advice appreciated and thank you for reading this


  iscanut 19:29 26 Oct 2011

Firstly...what is your budget ? How much will you go to ? Also, have you used a pc previously ? Second hand market is a minefield and your "fears" are justified regarding what spec you are sold.

  gary.st 19:53 26 Oct 2011

I had a lap top before but its about 7 years old hard drive broken , think the fan also and I wired the power direct to the board as the connector kept breaking , The budget really is the cheapest I can pay for a pc that will do what I need . Really a case of looking on ebay or gumtree and buying the cheapest that will do what I need .

  gary.st 19:55 26 Oct 2011

200 , to give a figure , I know I want get a lot for that maybe upgrade when funds become available

  northumbria61 19:56 26 Oct 2011

Again, depending on your budget you may be better off looking at a "refurbished" computer. You would get a warranty which you wouldn't get with a second hand one. As per iscanut's comments you may not get the spec. that is advertised.

  gary.st 20:06 26 Oct 2011

I read on here about a program you can run that tells you about what is in the pc , not sure if the seller would be ok to let me do that or how long it would take . A refurbished pc might be a good idea , I'll look into that ,

I'm going to post details about pc's for sale , any advice on them would be appreciated

Thanks for the replies

  gary.st 20:17 26 Oct 2011

110pounds Windows XP Home; AMD Athlon 64 3400+; 1Gb RAM; 200Gb HDD; DVD drive and DVD writer; Card reader; wireless. HP Pavilion t770uk with HP f1723 17

110 Hi for sale is a full pc system as recently got a new one built.

Its a dell tower with:

pentium 3 gigabyte dual core processor. 3 gigabyte of memory 512 mb graphics card 2 x 160gb hard drives dvd rewriter etc

comes with windows 7 64bit version. keyboard & mouse 19 inch lcd monitor.

This is quite a decent spec machine and will manage to do lots of things like playing games etc

100 I have a Dell Dimension 9150 Desktop PC for Sale Here are some Specs:

Intel® Pentium® D Processor 940 (4M Cache, 3.20 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) DUAL CORE

RAM- DUAL CHANNEL DDR2 4096MB (4X1024) 533M

200GB Hard Drive with Windows 7


1 Floppy Drive

NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Series GPU (PCIe)

5 SATA and 1 IDE Ports on motherboard

think there is 5 rear USB slots

2 front USB Slots and Audio

£100 O.N.O

That's the offerings just now on gumtree , the third is only the tower ,but seems like the best to me , Or should I forget them and look for something else

  gary.st 20:28 26 Oct 2011

Some random questions Can any pc be hooked up to a tv ? And can a pc be hooked up to my surround sound system what connections would it need .

  wee eddie 11:22 27 Oct 2011

If you fancy using the PC for more than a couple of years, XP is almost obsolete. It will be by early 2014.

It should work well, mine does, but spares are difficult to come by, as many parts are no longer in production. You may find that some, of the latest, kit will not work on it.

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