What is SCSI in regards to HD

  toni b 03:22 09 Nov 2003

I have this mobo click here and I have seen this click here would it fit into mobo and if so what would i need to make connect it?? I also have this click here and would there be any conflict with each other or any problems .I keep seeing info about raid ? so was wondering could you make a raid array with these 2 hD?? pleae bear in mind I am just an average user so nothing to technical please>
Regards Toni

No - this drive will not fit the mobo you mention without a SCSI adaptor. For that you can add probably another ?50 or so.

But why would you want to pay ?400 for just 36Mb of storage?

You are looking at kit that is in the big league corporate server market and certainly not in even the medium to large SOHO.

Even if you were into serious digital video editing or the such like where speed of the drive was crucial, you would not get much data onto 36Mb.

Forget it. Go with SATA with a Maxtor Diamondmax plus 9 160 Gb. That is another 124Gb for ?207 LESS and the difference is just an extra 4 milliseconds seek time.

Or you could go for a SATA at 10,000 RPM click here

for only 100.00 pounds

  goonerbill 09:23 09 Nov 2003

as ya have SATA on ya mobo, would forget about SCSI. heres a link to site that has all SATA drives listed by price so ya can work out who's selling what ya want at the best price.

click here

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