What screwdriver do I need?

  belcanto 23:48 31 Jan 2011

Hi there, I have to take off from a netbook its screen. On various it forums it says I need a flathead or a phillips screw driver. Thing is though is that I imaagine that there are lots of those around, so can you tell me which one I need?


  robin_x 00:08 01 Feb 2011

Flat (electrical) screwdriver 3mm.
Philips #0 or Philips #1

A pack of jewellers screwdrivers has these sizes.

Magnetic bit holders with an assortment of bits are useful. Or a tiny piece of BluTak moulded onto tip is useful when removing/replacing screws in recesses.

CD/DVD marker pen (fine). Mark cables and connectors as you take them apart.

Take static precautions frequently. Especially if you move around over a carpet.
I stick a screwdriver into the earth of a socket. Or touch water pipe/radiator bare metal (lick finger)
Not through paint, its an insulator.

Good lighting/workarea/torch/magnifying glass.

Use fingers and nails or flat metal when prising plastic pieces apart. Screwdriver will chew the plastic.

Download the maintenance service manual guide beforehand. And look for YouTube videos for your model or general ones.

Google "how to replace laptop screen"
Print out if no second computer to see while laptop in bits.

I usually squeeze a blob or 4 of superglue onto a piece of scrap paper and dip the screws in and get the tiniest amount of glue possible on the end of the screw when reassembling.
Use the magnet bit or screwdriver + BluTak when doing this.
I don't have nice red, green or blue Threadlock.

It doesn't lock the screws in permanently, just helps them stop coming loose inside.

I think that's all except good luck and take your time.

  robin_x 00:09 01 Feb 2011

Get everything you need at Poundshops or local discount tool store/market stall.

No need to pay a fortune.
Except do not use those crappy Neon electrical screwdrivers or plastic jewellers screwdrivers. the tips are too soft.

  robin_x 00:19 01 Feb 2011

Scalpel/Stanley blade for lifting screw blank cover/label edges etc.

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