what is safest/best web browser

  BODS 12:05 20 Dec 2014

Hi can anyone recomend what is the best most secure web browser, I have used int/exp8 on win xp and int/exp 11 on win7, Due to int explorer problems in past. tried firefox seems ok but blocks web sites Ihave used for years. Is int/exp now safe to use? thanks D

  onthelimit1 12:12 20 Dec 2014

I prefer Google Chrome to IE, but am also happy with Firefox

  spuds 12:19 20 Dec 2014

Mozilla Firefox (now asking for donations?), Google Chrome, testing Paleface, and last Internet Explorer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:23 20 Dec 2014

They are all only as safe as you allow them to be - you could download any rubbish if you let it through your browser / firewall.

I'm happy with Chrome since moving from FF and left IE years ago as it was so slow.

  rdave13 16:08 20 Dec 2014

IE for me since XP was young. Have Firefox as standby. Tried Palemoon but a shadow of Firefox so removed. Agree with Fruit Bat /\0/\ 's comments about safety.

  Woolwell 19:33 20 Dec 2014

They're all basically safe until the person using it accesses a wrong site/clicks on the wrong thing and has inadequate anti-virus/anti-malware.

IMO speed/the best is largely down to personal preference. I like Chrome with IE11 second and nowadays tend not to use Firefox. I have used Opera and Safari too.

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