What is SafeCast ?

  radi8or 17:07 19 Aug 2007

Hi all,

As above really, tried Google but a bit hard going, found it in Control Panel, where's it come from, whats it for, do I need it, can I delete it.

All comments gratefully received.

Regards Bob

  User-1159794 17:16 19 Aug 2007
  radi8or 17:34 19 Aug 2007

thanks for quick response but have read all of those "a bit hard going" I gathered it was something to do with copying CD/DVD's, any other idea's.

Regards Bob

  User-1159794 18:43 20 Aug 2007

I've had another look around and it seems that Safecast(C-DILLA)came with another program you have installed,its copy protection.What is rather nasty it remains even after you uninstall whatever software it came with.Most likely a game. What have you installed recently?

Removing it seems tricky.

  radi8or 19:02 20 Aug 2007

Rapscallion Hi,

Nice of you to take the time to investigate, didn't expect to hear anymore about it when it dived to page 3.

The only thing I can think of is I downloaded a game, one of the Tomb Raider series, from a site called Direct2Drive click here
wasn't on a disk.

If I delete SafeCast do you think it will affect playing the game.

Regards Bob

  User-1159794 18:48 21 Aug 2007

I think for the time being just leave it.

  radi8or 19:43 21 Aug 2007


Will do for now, i'll have a dig around see what I can find out.

Thanks again for your time.

Regards Bob

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