what is s-video

  matt5705 18:16 13 Jul 2003

what was s-video mean on computer specs

  DieSse 18:19 13 Jul 2003

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It applies to an output provide to feed into a Tv/VCR or similar

  matt5705 18:23 13 Jul 2003

what can you use this for

  Bagsey 18:54 13 Jul 2003

To put it at its simplest. A vhs camcorder gives a picture using about 200 lines. An svhs camcorder gives a definition of about 400 lines ( figures approx) so you will see that an s video connection will give a better resolution image. Always assuming that you have the equipment to connect to. A lot of TVs have an S video input now as do dvd recorders etc.
It also has the advantage when video editing of being able to stand another generation of loss without being too noticable in the finished video. I hope that all of that makes some sense, if not please shout

  Quiller. 19:40 13 Jul 2003

One thing s-video does not do and that is carry the audio signal. This must be done by a separate cable.

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