What 's the difference between a Virgin Super Hub (1) and a VSH (2) ?

  Aitchbee 20:38 06 Sep 2014

Specifically, will my older HUB [ model no. VMDG480] which was fitted a year ago when I got broadband [up to 30GBPS] installed in my home, be capable of handling higher speeds of say 100 GBPS?

The reason I ask is 'cos my broadband connection has not been working for a coupla' days.

Coincidently, I receved a phone call from VM during the last week asking if I wanted to upgrade to a faster connection which included a Super Hub 2 and also a TV Box. I declined as i said i was quite happy with what I was getting.

I think that there might be a connection between the phone call from Virgin and now my broadband not working?

I am using a mobile dongle in the meantime.

  Aitchbee 21:33 06 Sep 2014

Thanks for those informative replies, Jock1e 'n' Woolwell. Will get in touch with Virgin on monday if it's still AWOL!

  BT 08:37 07 Sep 2014

I have the Superhub 2 which they provided when I upgraded to 60mbs as I only had an old NTL modem previously, with a TP Link 450mbs Dual Band router. The SH wireless coverage is good and covers all the rooms in my Bungalow with no problem. Even my neighbours SH shows 3 bars on the signal strength. There doesn't seem to be any difference in coverage between the SH and the TPLINK, and even though I have the 60mbs package I rarely get more than 40mbs most days. I've been in touch with Virgin and despite their efforts they don't seem to be able to get it any better. I suspect its more down to their cabling etc than anything else although I can get wildly differing speeds depending on the server I test it on. The local Norwich server is generally the slowest and I get better speeds from Basildon and Nottingham.

  BT 08:43 07 Sep 2014

Re the Virgin Speed upgrades, its wise to take them with a big pinch of salt. The previous one was over a year later than originally advised, and I've just noticed that the one originally advised for Feb -July 2014 has now been quietly moved to 2015.

  Aitchbee 17:03 09 Sep 2014

Update. The Superhub(1) was faulty. Today, the VM-repair-engineer replaced the faulty hub [VMDG480] with another similar hub [also VMDG480], so, as some [up to 3] of the password settings on the back-sticker attached to the replacement device are different, I will have to change the network settings on one or two of my other computers [including a tablet] that are not hard-wired to the hub when I decide to connect 'em up again to the internet. This will not be a problem - hopefully.

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