What 's the difference between a Virgin Super Hub (1) and a VSH (2) ?

  Aitchbee 20:38 06 Sep 2014

Specifically, will my older HUB [ model no. VMDG480] which was fitted a year ago when I got broadband [up to 30GBPS] installed in my home, be capable of handling higher speeds of say 100 GBPS?

The reason I ask is 'cos my broadband connection has not been working for a coupla' days.

Coincidently, I receved a phone call from VM during the last week asking if I wanted to upgrade to a faster connection which included a Super Hub 2 and also a TV Box. I declined as i said i was quite happy with what I was getting.

I think that there might be a connection between the phone call from Virgin and now my broadband not working?

I am using a mobile dongle in the meantime.

  Woolwell 21:21 06 Sep 2014

I have the Superhub2 and it is a better bit of kit than Hub1 for wifi with dual frequency and better internal aerials. The signal is better on the wifi devices.

I had severe problems with broadband being disconnected for a week recently. The help line was useless and misleading. They kept saying that a fault had been found and that it would be fixed by 11 pm. It wasn't. It didn't help that when you rang the recorded message said that they were busy and you could use their website for help - er how without broadband? The other infuriating message was the 0800 number that you can ring to get an update on the repair status. In my case there wasn't a recorded message to tell me about the status and all I got was "There isn't an update. That's it", followed by a hang up. Eventually after multiple complaints they sent an engineer who informed me that as part of the upgrade process engineers had been fiddling and had deleted my MAC address hence no broadband. I wasn't even due an upgrade as I had already been upgraded! The refund I got was incorrectly calculated to add insult to injury. The snag that I have is that if I want over 2 Mb download then in my locality I have to have Virgin.

The router needs to be off for longer than 10 seconds. Try over a minute.

Wish you luck with getting your broadband back. It is worthwhile asking to speak to a supervisor as the standard call centre operators are reading from a script on their screen and the script may not be right for you.

  Woolwell 21:25 06 Sep 2014

There is a plus. Since my problems my download speed has been consistently high and even in the evening I get my full 150 Mbps which is the maximum currently available.

  Aitchbee 21:33 06 Sep 2014

Thanks for those informative replies, Jock1e 'n' Woolwell. Will get in touch with Virgin on monday if it's still AWOL!

  Woolwell 21:39 06 Sep 2014

Ring over the weekend and if you can access their site check the status in your area. There may be a known problem.

  BT 08:37 07 Sep 2014

I have the Superhub 2 which they provided when I upgraded to 60mbs as I only had an old NTL modem previously, with a TP Link 450mbs Dual Band router. The SH wireless coverage is good and covers all the rooms in my Bungalow with no problem. Even my neighbours SH shows 3 bars on the signal strength. There doesn't seem to be any difference in coverage between the SH and the TPLINK, and even though I have the 60mbs package I rarely get more than 40mbs most days. I've been in touch with Virgin and despite their efforts they don't seem to be able to get it any better. I suspect its more down to their cabling etc than anything else although I can get wildly differing speeds depending on the server I test it on. The local Norwich server is generally the slowest and I get better speeds from Basildon and Nottingham.

  BT 08:43 07 Sep 2014

Re the Virgin Speed upgrades, its wise to take them with a big pinch of salt. The previous one was over a year later than originally advised, and I've just noticed that the one originally advised for Feb -July 2014 has now been quietly moved to 2015.

  birksy 09:58 07 Sep 2014

Why did they supply me with a NEW Superhub router when I upgraded, when I already had a perfectly functional router supplied by Virgin? If they let me throw the earlier router in the bin (figuratively), then there must be a reason for needing the Superhub.

  Aitchbee 17:03 09 Sep 2014

Update. The Superhub(1) was faulty. Today, the VM-repair-engineer replaced the faulty hub [VMDG480] with another similar hub [also VMDG480], so, as some [up to 3] of the password settings on the back-sticker attached to the replacement device are different, I will have to change the network settings on one or two of my other computers [including a tablet] that are not hard-wired to the hub when I decide to connect 'em up again to the internet. This will not be a problem - hopefully.

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