What rubbish Malwarebytes is inflicting on its users!!!

  Housten 14:02 17 Aug 2013

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

Maybe I am being unkind to Malwarebytes, but please read what happened to me, before you think I am being unfair to them!!

Okay, I have committed a stupid! I was doing a clean up this morning and used Ccleaner, and got an update. Having been successful with that I then went on to Malwarebytes, and opened it. But it fell over!! So – being stupid, as I said – I thought I would go online and get the latest version and download it from their site. What a palaver!! I indicated that I wanted to download the free version, was then pushed over to another site, and had to download a ‘setup’ programme of theirs BEFORE you could even begin to think of getting Malwarebytes!! Having had to install this programme I ran it and, although I didn’t want it, this programme ( and I am being excessively polite about it!!!!! ) stated that it would install something cr*p called Delta on my computer, I refused and the setup programme just stopped. So being stupid, I tried again, and then looked up how to delete it. In control panel – which is what they advised – it was not listed. I then tried Ccleaner and got rid of one or two things from it. But when I clicked on the icon on the ‘Desktop’ toolbar – that is the one at the foot of the screen – what then appeared was this delta rubbish as my home page. I can assure that was not what I asked, it just did it!! I was flabbergasted by the arrogance of such an attitude!! I searched – through ‘Windows Explorer’ for ‘delta’ and have many listings on different drives, so I looked through the list noted the ones on my ‘C:’ drive, and then deleted those, or so I hoped. Clicking back on the icon, again, produced the delta rubbish so I re-booted, and STILL this delta thing was there. Eventually I managed to find a way to re-place it with my original home page, but there are still plenty of delta things around, so two questions arise:

1/ Does anyone know how, or even is it worthwhile, getting rid of this delta rubbish? Not just on my ‘C:’ drive, but everywhere on all my partitions? and

2/ What thoughts do you all have about which programme I should replace Malwarebytes with?

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Woolwell 14:14 17 Aug 2013

I suspect that you did not download from the correct site. Normally you can use Malwarebytes to obtain updates. You now have the delta search which is malware. How to remove delta search.

Malwarebytes is a very good program and I would not replace it.

  hiwatt 14:14 17 Aug 2013

Is it listed under control panel programs and features?What browser are you using.If Internet explorer go to internet options/advanced/ and click restore advanced settings and reset.This will reset your home page to it's default.Only do this if it cant be removed from the uninstall programs and features. click here

  john bunyan 14:42 17 Aug 2013

On your last point,2/, although I use Malawarebytes, I prefer Superantispyware (free). Again you have to be careful to install the free one. I find that it spots more adaware tracking cookies than MBAM


  tullie 15:27 17 Aug 2013

Yes,you are being unfair,it is something you have done,not the program.

  onthelimit1 16:05 17 Aug 2013

Malwarebytes is my most useful tool for cleaning viruses. I usually download it from bleeping computer and have never had the problems you seem to have had.

1]: [click here

  Housten 16:38 17 Aug 2013

Good afternoon, Gentlemen,

I have used Malwarebytes for some time and have been quite happy with it, but after what happened this morning, one is left wondering just what they are trying to do!!

Woolwell, I clicked on your link, and followed what was on it. It seems that in my panic I did what was being suggested. However when I got down to ‘Step 4’ it started to go wrong! It states to download Malwarebytes through a link, which I clicked on, and which leads to a Malwarebytes website, which was the one I was on this morning. It states to download the free version to click on a ‘Download Now’ button, but you get taken to the ‘bleepingcomputer.com’ website, click on ‘Start Download’ you are then taken to ‘7zip’ website, which is what I did this morning and where all my problems started. If you stay on the ‘7zip’ site you have to download their ‘setup’ programme before you can download Malwarebytes programme, and I have no idea why apart from them downloading the delta rubbish on to your computer. So no I will not be visiting them again!!

hiwatt, Clicked on your link and downloaded Malwarebytes from – or so they claim – Rubber Ducky. Just got the programme and nothing else! Will set updates to ‘automatic’ if that is an option. Thank you.

john bunyan, Thank you for your suggestion! I have downloaded ‘Superantispyware’ and will see how it goes!!

tullie, All I wanted to do this morning when Malwarebytes fell over was to get the latest version from their website, and if you read my comments to Woolwell you will, perhaps, see that it was Malwarebytes website rather than myself that started all my problems this morning. So yes I think you are being very unfair and have not understood or appreciated what I have had to do to get my computer ( almost ) back to way it was!

Many thanks for all your posts!!!

  Graphicool1 16:38 17 Aug 2013

I too use it and have done for years. I've never had any problems with it. I've recently installed...

Malwarebytes Chameleon.

Malwarebytes Anti-Root Kit.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.

I also use SAS.

  tullie 16:41 17 Aug 2013

Sorry but i have just reinstalled from their website to see if there was a problem,there wasent.Not to worry if you are sorted now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:51 17 Aug 2013

I've just had a similar problem downloading AdwCleaner from Cnet from a link in another thread.

The download loader program first showed a licence screen and if you do not read it carefully you do not realise it's for an arcade program you have to Decline - then two more licence screens for crapware you need to Decline finally if you do not use the Advanced install you will find a toolbar being loaded before you get the program you really thought you were downloading.

This is not the fault of the program makers its tricky packaging by the host.

  spuds 17:04 17 Aug 2013

Over recent months I have found a number of downloads that were once easy to load, now have some form of diversion or addition attached, so I now tend to look more closely before making any attempts to download.

One particular case is the free version of Avast, which seems to have increased pop-ups to either upgrade or update, which then leads to a upgrade site.

On the point of malware, I use to have a few various recommended programmes working on the computer's I use, but having had a number of problems, SuperAntiSpyware free version is the only I use now. Seems to cover most needs!.

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