What is a router?

  Nappy1610 17:15 17 Dec 2003

What is a router and how does it connect to the internet? Do i rerquire my existing modem or does it have a built in one??

  Stuartli 17:17 17 Dec 2003

..here's a cut and paste explanation:

A device that determines the next network point to which a data packet should be forwarded enroute toward its destination. The router is connected to at least two networks and determines which way to send each data packet based on its current understanding of the state of the networks it is connected to. Routers create or maintain a table of the available routes and use this information to determine the best route for a given data packet.

Which is why it's called a router...:-)

  Taff36 17:27 17 Dec 2003

Is this what you need to understand?

click here

  Ivor_Monkey 19:35 17 Dec 2003

I don't know if this helps, but in simple terms, a router is a small (junction) box that allows you to connect two or more computers so they can share access to the interent independently of each other, which means that they donlt both have to be on. A router also allows you to create an efficient home network for sharing files/printers etc.

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