what resolution for gaming

  User-92DDCDF3-0184-434B-8701EC41369540AF 22:20 10 May 2003

could you help...my pc has an athlon 2400+.512meg ram ati raeon 9000 pro 128meg graphics and barracuda 7200 hard drive....what resolution can i expect to play games on?

  powerless 22:22 10 May 2003

Depends on your monitor also.

Try 1024*728 and you can't go wrong.

You have to experiment with each game as to which is the best.

  woodchip 22:24 10 May 2003

They are normally programmed to run at 800x600 but depends on the programmer who wrote the software

  hugh-265156 23:54 10 May 2003

as above will depend on the monitor as to what it can take.gpu wise the radeon 9000 can go up to something like 1920x1440 but you will get about 1 frame per second if your lucky at this resolution with this card and dont know of anyone that plays games at this res.for most 14-15 inch monitors 800x60 or 1024x768 is best and 17-19 inch monitors 1024x768-1280x768 but depends on what the monitor can handle and the higher you go the framerate will drop so try different settings and use what works best.

  rubella 01:02 11 May 2003

for a good sniff about on radeon info try: click here

for a very simple route to overclocking your card, a bunch of settings for games, and umpteen custom resolutions as well as the standard, you might like to try: click here

many thanks to all who commented

i know where to come for good advice


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