What is a reasonable Broadband speed?

  1936 11:21 06 Nov 2016

This morning yet again I found it impossible to open my Broadband although eventually it staggered into life sufficiently for me to open a Broadband Speed check wherein I obtained 55.27 Download and 9 Upload. Could someone please tell me if that is a good, bad or indifferent speed? I contacted my Broadband supplier and the system is at the moment great.

  wee eddie 12:16 06 Nov 2016

Sorta depends on what you're paying for. Faster than anything I get

  Govan1x 12:27 06 Nov 2016

Also depends whether you are connected by Ethernet or Wireless.

I use Virginmedia and get a constant 75mb download speed but only get 5mb upload speed using Ethernet but a lot less using a wireless connection.

  mole44 13:10 06 Nov 2016

Like Govan1x i'm with Virginmedia get 75Mbps with an ethernet connection but it drops to 50Mbps if i use a WiFi dongle who is your broadband supplier

  mole44 13:14 06 Nov 2016

Just had a thunk have you tried changing channels on your router,download wifi analyser onto your smart phone to see if you have others trying to share your allocated channel.You could also move to 5Mhz channel.

  john bunyan 15:38 06 Nov 2016

I get only 7 repeat 7mbps on an "up to 8" contract,(Ethernet) and that is fine, including watching catch up TV. If you are struggling with 55, there must be something wrong. I thought these high speeds were for those who download films or play interactive games? I also found I had to change wi fi channel to get a reasonable speed at home on an iPhone and I Pad

  bumpkin 16:19 06 Nov 2016

Is this another "mines bigger than yours" thread. I have 30 which is more than fast enough for anybodies home use.

  Forum Editor 16:28 06 Nov 2016

john bunyan

"I thought these high speeds were for those who download films or play interactive games?"

They are for anyone really. I use a BT Infinity Plus connection at home, but I don't play games or download films. I do a lot of research, however, and I welcome the extra speed when working in the forums.

My downstrean speed seems to average out at around 70 Mb/s and Upstream at about 18 Mb/s. When i think back to when I was using an old 56k modem connection I wonder how I ever managed to do any work. When the ADSL broadband service was first introduced, in 2000, I couldn't wait to sign up.

I was in heaven - I can clearly remember asking the BT engineer who installed my first broadband connection how fast it would be. "Like lightning" he said, and he was right - the connection zipped along at a heady 512kb/s.

How the world has changed in just 16 years!

  Bazzaman 18:26 06 Nov 2016


"When i think back to when I was using an old 56k modem connection I wonder how I ever managed to do any work"

Yes, but the web content is vastly "richer" now (unnecessarily so in most cases IMHO)

It seems the penchant nowadays is to load web pages with masses of embedded image content that adds little, if any, value. As a consequence, higher bandwidth and faster PCs are required.

New websites are a classic case. Masses of largely repetitive and meaningless images interspersed with a few words of meaningful content.

So often I long for the days when a web page was little more than text with just a few pertinent images (or thumbnails with links to images).

  1936 20:44 06 Nov 2016

I should have said that the computer can run for days with no problem and then it wakes up which is when I got the figures shown above. I will see if I can set up a speed test device that will show a metre running all of the time if there is such a thing of course.

  Bazzaman 20:52 06 Nov 2016

Oops! "New websites are a classic case." should have been "News websites are a classic case."

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