What RAM do I need?

  Jenmckm 22:36 24 Oct 2009


I have a 7 year old Dell Inspiron laptop which is running quite slow. A software program that I have downloaded shows that it currently has 256MB of DDR PC2700 RAM. I want to buy more RAM to try to speed up the laptop. I don't know much about this tho, & I wanted to make sure I buy the correct Mhz of RAM. How would I find out what Mhz of RAM is currently installed / what I need to buy? Also is SODIMM RAM a different type of RAM (I came across this on one of the sites where I was pricing the RAM)? Sorry if this sounds completely clueless!!

  Technotiger 22:43 24 Oct 2009

Run the scan at click here this will tell you all you need to know about RAM for your own particular PC.

  Quiet Life 23:58 24 Oct 2009

PC2700 is 333mhz. SODIMM is a shorter size for laptops and is what you will need.
If you have XP you will benefit in speed upto 1gb.
As Technotiger says run the Crucial scan.
Old memory is very expensive compared with current memory.
Beware cheap memory on ebay is usually high density which does not suit most computers.

  Jenmckm 14:28 25 Oct 2009

Technotiger & Quiet Life - thanks for your advice. Can I just ask also if I would need to ensure that the RAM I buy has a certain / correct number of pins, as I have seen some that is 200 pin, some 184 pin etc?

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:32 25 Oct 2009

The pins must exactly match your existing ram.

  Eric10 14:59 25 Oct 2009

If you run the Crucial scanner and then buy the recommended memory from them, then Crucial guarantees that it will fit and work in your computer.

  Quiet Life 16:01 25 Oct 2009

DDR SO-DIMM PC2100 (266MHz) - PC2700 (333MHz) - PC3200 (400MHz) are all 200 pins

  Jenmckm 16:27 25 Oct 2009

Thanks again for your replies. I've checked the details of the RAM recommended by the Cucial scanner again, and the RAM it suggests is listed as 200 pins.

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