What is "order status" (pc world returning a tablet)

  KorgY 22:17 02 Feb 2014

hello, sorry if not right forum.

I had a tablet from pc world (online) last week and wondered if I can return it even though “ive opened the seal”?. The tablet is in “as-new” condition and all the accessories etc are fine. What im wondering though is at pc word, when I get to the “ask a question/what’s your question about” etc, I’m presented with an order number, but then “ORDER STATUS”. What do I fill in that box? (Its being returned via the “ive changed my mind“policy).


  lotvic 22:51 02 Feb 2014

You don't need to ask them if you can return, you have the right to.

PCWorld Terms & Conditions "Following the Distance Selling Regulations, we will accept items back even if you have opened the goods to inspect them. You are entitled to a refund as long as you return your goods within 7 working days* from the day after delivery" click here

Easiest way is to ring them up on 08445 61 12 34 and ask for the return instructions and refund as you are cancelling the order under the Distance Selling Regulations

  KorgY 23:06 02 Feb 2014

Thanks for the prompt reply lotvic. Actually it was ["Ask a Question"][1] and "what is your question about" etc. I'm still wondering what to write in the "order status" box. thanks for phone numbers et al. I've got a good past experience with pc world return, and many moons ago I think you "could-have" gone longer than a week if memory serves me right.


  lotvic 23:19 02 Feb 2014

"Actually it was "Ask a Question" and "what is your question about" etc"

Maybe I'm being dense... what question are you asking PCWorld?

  lotvic 23:25 02 Feb 2014

For some unexplained strange reason in my last post, pca forum formatting has made some of my text into a hyperlink to a link in another forum members thread.

Mmmm, it must be because of the [ square brackets and the 1

Please ignore the link Ask a Question as it was unintentional and has nothing to do with this Thread.

  KorgY 23:31 02 Feb 2014

"My account" and Ask a question" (bottom right)I think pc world just want to know a few details as to returning it etc, not "Why" or, "what's the problem" etc.

"ask a Question"

Not sure how to work these hyperlinks on this forum, as not been here for a year or three:)

  KorgY 23:35 02 Feb 2014

Actually your link takes me to a Facebook page.... odd:(


  lotvic 23:59 02 Feb 2014

Yes it was odd that pca formatting turned it into the Facebook page link which was from another thread.

As regards your 'Order Status' I should think that would be 'completed' or 'received' as you have got the item (and now you are returning it).

  KorgY 22:49 04 Feb 2014

I've requested a refund online, and was issues a "ticket", then an email saying

"Thanks for getting in touch. We've received your message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can (usually within 2 working days)."

I received the tablet last Tuesday, so will I still fall in the "within one week" category? (7 working days), and does the delivery day count as one/first day? so would today, Tuesday, count as "6 working days" and tomorrow 7 etc.?


  lotvic 23:11 04 Feb 2014

You have contacted them within the 7 working days as per T&C. Day one was Wednesday, Thur = 2, Fri = 3, Mon = 4, Tues = 5, Wed = 6, Thur = 7.

see my post February 2, 2014 at 10:51PM where I copied and pasted from website: "7 working days from the day after delivery" and gave the link to the page.

it also says:

Working days means all days other than Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. You need to return the goods to store, or contact us within the 7 working day period – see three options below.

There are three ways to refund/cancel your purchase:

You can return the product to one of our stores with your receipt, bringing the card you paid with so we can credit it

You can cancel your order via the Contact Us facility on the Customer Services page

By phoning us on 08445 61 12 34 with your order reference number and delivery details to hand

We will then give you a full refund for the cost of the product plus the delivery charge paid. However we do have the right to retain any charge paid for services which have already begun or been completed. Refunds take 3-5 working days to be credited to your payment card.

  KorgY 23:30 04 Feb 2014

Ok, thanks lotvic.

However, since I've emailed them, will I not have to call them now?, and should "all-be-sorted" via email/online etc.? - or should I ring them tomorrow anyway? (as they said in there email; they will contact me in two days).

Thanks for your help....


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