What is this proxy - is it malware?

  Pineman100 13:37 17 Oct 2012

I was prompted today to download the latest version of Norton Internet Security, which I did. During the installation process, I received the following report/dialogue box:

We have detected the proxy settings below on your computer.


I was then offered the choice of whether to continue using this proxy or not. I have never authorised the use of a proxy (and don't really understand what it is!), so I said no.

My questions are:

  1. What does a proxy do?
  2. Any idea what this particular proxy is? Is it malware?
  3. Did I do the right thing in telling the Norton installation to refuse it?
  4. Will this refusal see the end of it, or should I look for it elsewhere on my computer, too? If so, how should I do that?

Sorry - I think I've just requested an entire tutorial! But any and all advice would be very welcome, please.

  Nontek 14:06 17 Oct 2012

This first part is from another forum ... A proxy basically hides your IP address and lets you surf through the IP address of the server. A good proxy will offer other security features but this is the most basic thing you will need a proxy for.

That particular proxy is in part a source of filth and other stuff you would not want as far as I can ascertain - get rid!

Yes, you did the right thing.

I would run a full scan with MalwareBtyes or similar to be on the safe side.

  Pineman100 14:23 17 Oct 2012

Many thanks for your responses.

I use Firefox as my browser, so I'll try to find the same route that you have recommended for IE, Jock1e.

Nontek - that sounds like good advice, which I'll follow.

Thanks again.

  Pineman100 14:33 17 Oct 2012

OK, I've found the equivalent settings in Firefox, but I'd be very grateful for more advice, please.

The setting is headed Configure Proxy Settings For This Network.

The options are:-

  • No Proxy
  • Auto-detect proxy settings for this network
  • Use system proxy settings (this is currently activated)
  • Manual proxy configuration

Is it OK to have the third item activated, or should I change the setting to "No Proxy"?

  Nontek 14:42 17 Oct 2012

I also use Firefox - I have mine set to ... No Proxy.

  lotvic 14:55 17 Oct 2012

"Use system proxy settings (this is currently activated)" I had a look at mine and that's what I've got selected, although I have no idea why.

In IE for LAN I have got, 'Automatically detect settings' and for Proxy I don't have one (no green dot)

  Nontek 14:56 17 Oct 2012

You might find this interesting ...

re - dialup and proxy.

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