What program?

  Staszek 16:20 21 Feb 2005

Could someone please advise me about the easiest program to create a 1 or 2 page web site. I've been told that 'Frontpage is easy but it doesn't work well in 'Modzilla/Firefox' and I want Linux users to be able to use it.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:20 21 Feb 2005

click here has been suggested by Taran - available in Linux and Windows formats.

click here for more of the discussion.

  Taran 01:46 22 Feb 2005

I use Linux boxes and they have no real issues with the vast majority of the FrontPage sites I create. As long as you have a reasonably recent Java handler and Flash plugin there really isn't that much FrontPage can produce that any of the mainstream browsers will balk at.

To save repeating myself and typing out a long rant, FrontPage (especially the current 2003 version) is the about the single best WYSIWYG web editor available without exception. It kicks the tar out of Dreamweaver and GoLive in a great many respects and for data driven sites nothing can touch it for sheer versatility. Once Microsoft finally admit that PHP and MySQL actually exist and start supporting it there'll be no stopping FrontPage from really showing its colours.

Nvu is pretty capable and has the benefit of being free to download and use. For that reason alone it is worth playing with, and it produces good output.

  Staszek 05:47 22 Feb 2005

Thanks Taran for your advice. The problem is I'm not young and as such, not computer and program literate. I will ry to solve the problems in the way you've suggested. Again thank you. LEs

  Yoda Knight 16:22 22 Feb 2005

microsoft word !

  Staszek 19:39 22 Feb 2005

Taran and Yoda Knight you have my humble thanks. I think I'll have to upgrade to 'MS Word with frontpage 2003.' Gentlemen, I thank you. Les

  Taran 01:12 23 Feb 2005

I'd strongly advise against using Word as a web page tool.

It's output for the web is awful.

The results look OK in some browsers some of the time but it (Word) produces about twelve times the amount of code than is actually necessary.

FrontPage, as with other dedicated web authoring tools, also has the ability to publish your pages dircet from within the program to your web space, which Word does not.

Word was never meant as a web editor and should not be used as one. As a word processor it is probably about the best available, but there are far better tools for the web, FrontPage being one of them.

  Staszek 07:50 23 Feb 2005

Taran, I won't be using 'word' but thank you Yoda Knight for the advice though. I think I'll try to 'discover' how to use 'frontpage'. Do you know of any safe sites where I can download a tutor? Thanks Les

  Taran 10:32 23 Feb 2005

There are some links to FrontPage tutorials in this thread: click here

A Google search for this:


will bring more information than you will possibly need, and the program help files are, in fact, a series of step-by-step tutorials if you follow them through.

  Staszek 10:47 23 Feb 2005

Thanks Tatan, I'll check it out. Les

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