what processor upgrade do you recommend?

  Legolas 14:37 23 Jun 2003

I am running a duron 800 processor with 256ram and win XP Pro. I am thinking of upgrading my processor any suggestions or advice would be welcome. I have an ECS K7S5A MB I think it takes up to an Athlon 2600.

  woodchip 14:50 23 Jun 2003
  woodchip 14:55 23 Jun 2003

Second link say's it will do all athlon XP version with the correct bios

  Legolas 15:14 23 Jun 2003

I am ok for PSU size. So depending on which processor I get I might need to upgrade my BIOS?

  bremner 15:57 23 Jun 2003

You cannot use a Barton Core processor as it is 333Mhz and your board is only 200/266Mhz

  bremner 15:59 23 Jun 2003

Sorry AndySD, must refresh more often

  Legolas 17:26 23 Jun 2003

I will not go for the Barton, might go for an XP 2200 which for some reason seems to be cheaper than the XP 2100.

  woodchip 17:32 23 Jun 2003

Now you are using sense you are thinking £££

  Legolas 17:36 23 Jun 2003

lol woodchip being skint as normal £££££'s are always my first consideration, once I finish my college course and get my HND in computing and get a job paying big £££££££'s then I will build a system where money is no object..........oh well I can always dream ;-)

To get back to reality.. How do I find out my bios version?

  woodchip 17:41 23 Jun 2003

When you start your computer it will say on screen
bottom left you will see a long number list its part of that line

  woodchip 17:42 23 Jun 2003

PS press pause key to stop it loading then to continue enter key

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