What printer paper for photos?

  Rogerfredo 18:55 10 Apr 2005

I recently aquired some very cheap "superior quality" photo paper which was supposed to suit all printers. I could not get an acceptable print from it using my Epson 875DC photo printer.
The ink just puddled on the surface.
I have also tried some Kodak Ultima paper which is supposed to be high quality, but this does not work with the Epson either.
Epson paper and some from Aldi do produce good results.
I realise that the cheap paper was probably rubbish, but would have expected the Kodak paper to be good quality.
Anyone else had similar probs.

  fsbb 20:14 10 Apr 2005

I always use instant dry paper and have never had any problems with my Epsom C84 printer with compatable ink from Choice Stationery.

I shop around for paper and purchase special offers, eg. 2 for price of 1 etc. Currently using Kodak Ultima with no problems whatsoever.

I always set my printer setting to 'Photo' not 'Best Photo'. Just tried Best Photo which uses more ink and although the ink isn't puddled it is quite wet.

It seems your printer is using a lot of ink. try a different setting, even 'Text' setting. just tried this and although much less ink is used, quality of photo was good.

  hzhzhz 20:44 10 Apr 2005

I get good results with my epson cx3600 on best photo using Ilford Printasia. Was bogof at Argos.

  jack 21:31 10 Apr 2005

For quality work it is not just paper to look for.
This is what I do for Exhibition work.

The printer in an Epson R300

The paper is Ilford 'Galeria; best prices for me are from

click here

Set the printer to print Transparancy
This uses less ink, gives cleaner inages
and/or also invest in the Ink control system from

click here

Make sure you have cropped and adlusted the image
brightness/contrast in an image editor.

You may have to expend a little time and money in
doing test strips.
Then go for it.

  Buchan 35 21:38 10 Apr 2005

Yes, Ihad a similar problem with my (cheapie) Epson C44ux and discovered I was using a cheap paper. I tried a couple of higher weight papers and have finally settled for a minimum weight of 238grammes.
Anything less is poor quality.Perhaps I should amend that to `if you`ve got a good photo printer you might get away with 200grm.` I`d love to be able to afford a good photo printer.

  paddy75 22:59 10 Apr 2005

OzzyOs,i too use Ilford 'Galeria; on my HP 1220c printer and this is the best i have found having used Epson.HP,Kodak ect photo papers.Paddy

  Rogerfredo 16:46 11 Apr 2005

Thanks for replies. I will try the Ilford suggestion next, if it is cheaper than Epson, which so far gives the best results.

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