What Power Supply Unit???

  Ken Ju-On 17:36 23 Jul 2003


I have a desktop computer from Evesham with a 230V PSU. I'm going to take it abroad where the voltage supply used is 110V.

I checked out my PSU and there's no switch to set the input voltage to 110V. Therefore, I need to find a replacement PSU and install it.

I know virtually nothing about PSUs - could anyone give me advice on what type of PSU to buy and where I can get it?

I've heard that my computer casing must be ATX to be able to use certain PSUs - can someone explain more about that please?

Any other tips on PSU choices and installation would be most warmly appreciated.

Thanks. :)

  DieSse 18:24 23 Jul 2003

Since you're going to have to take the PSU out to change it anyway - take it out now, take it into a reputable local computer shop, and ask for one the same, but with a voltage change switch.

Just check that the Wattage figure (probably 300W or thereabouts), printed on the label on the PSU, is at leats the same or a bit higher than the existing unit. Spaek to them nicely and they might even fit the new one and test, in exchange for the old one.

  Ken Ju-On 18:46 23 Jul 2003

Thanks for your advice.

Is it possible to use ATX PSUs in non-ATX cases? (I don't know what a "non-ATX" casing is called!)

Don't forget the monitor, it'll probably need to have a switchable mains voltage input as well.

  Ken Ju-On 19:49 23 Jul 2003

Thanks for your kind advice, Fizzi. I need not worry about the monitor since it's designed to work on both voltages.

Only my PC is the trouble - I guess since it's from Evesham, a British manufacturer, they designed it purely for use in England.

  Philip2 20:07 23 Jul 2003

I upgraded my Evesham computer PSU to 300W no problem and it has a voltage selector one of the cheaper upgrades but Evesham will no longer service your computer if you do the same.

  DieSse 22:58 23 Jul 2003

"Is it possible to use ATX PSUs in non-ATX cases"

No it isn't - the power connectors to the motherboard, and the means by which the PSU is switched on, are entirely different.

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