What is the point of spreading virus worms????

  Thomo1 09:10 04 Feb 2005

Something has always bugged me.

Spreading trojans i understand as they can transmit info off a machine but.......

Why do people write and spread virus worms??? Am i right in thinking all they do is replecate themselves and invade e-mail addresses?? And slow down ya PC??

Apart from the fun factor is there any other reason why morons do such thing???

  Magik ®© 09:16 04 Feb 2005

I suppose all the dickheads out there do it because they can...about they only thing in life they are capable of..

  Sethhaniel 09:33 04 Feb 2005

and torch cars and smash windows (the glass type -Microsofts comes already broken !!!)
Theres no real deterrent -
so bring back the Birch / Hanging (the rope type - not windows) etc etc ;)

  JIM 10:24 04 Feb 2005

"write and spread viruses and worms"

Always easier to cause chaos and distribute problems and damage to people,behind closed doors than face them upfront.

What a waste of "talent" which could be put to a better use in helping everyone,

  ACOLYTE 10:41 04 Feb 2005

The Challenge ?, to try and keep in front of the other guy
but i would say the challenge of trying to beat the system keeps most going,some do it for profit
and some may even do it for attention.

  pj123 11:36 04 Feb 2005

All above says it all. I call it the "Everest Syndrome" You know, "Why did you climb Everest" Because it's there. "Why did you write a virus" Because I can!

So why not use their skills to write some good free programmes for us. Like, Irfanview, like, Thumbs, Like, AVG etc...

  Sethhaniel 11:50 04 Feb 2005

Dan Browns - Digital Fortress (of Da Vinci Code Fame)where ex maliscious code writers are employed by top government agencies - but once a crook always etc etc

  Robotic_Rob 12:37 04 Feb 2005

And its a case of, they is so many virus's going around. If a goverment gets attacked with a virus that brings their whole system down then they cant just point the finger at another goverment.

They is too many reasons why people do it. Like i have a friend that captures virus's and alters them. Anyone that cross's his path that trys to bugger about with him, he sends them a virus. He also plays a game with his mates where they try and bring each others machines down. So thats 2 reasons why virus's are sent from 1 persons machine.

  JayDay 12:56 04 Feb 2005

The same reason people smash windows, phone boxes I guess. What's the point.

  €dstowe 13:25 04 Feb 2005

It keeps anti-virus companies in business.

Am I just being cynical?

  ACOLYTE 13:28 04 Feb 2005

It is i think the case that some virus writers write a virus to catch a virus,i am not sure but
in simple terms an AV programs updates are simple viruses designed to catch other viruses.
Dont know if that makes sense,so that it why you should only have 1 AV program on the pc at a time
in case they see each others definitions as viruses and delete them.I may be totaly wrong but it makes sence to me lol.

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