What is the Point of Home page Hijacking?

  Dorsai 19:55 26 Jun 2004

What is the point? When I have had my home page re-directed, and been constantly re-directed while on line, it does not make me spend money with the sites i end up at.

It does P me off, but that is all. I then run the usual, Hijackthis, Cwschredder, etc. and then carry on as before, older and wiser.

Why do these people do it? What do they get out of it? They obviously spend a lot of time/effort writing this Poo to infect our PC's, but why?

I can understand dialers, that re-set the normal phone number you dial to some premium rate number, as they then make a mint off the premuim rate number, but why the rest?

As an aside, Why do BT pay the non-uk premium rate phone comapnies so quick? (as the re-dialers normally seem to end up off shore). then when we complain that we have been conned, Bt have already paid the fraudsters? If BT held off for a month or so then they would find out that it was a conn before they had paid, and could withhold payment, and the fraudsters would end up with no 'ill gotten gains' BT would not be out of pocket, and so would not have to make us pay them.....problem solved?

Perhaps some smart bod needs to invent a modem where the phone number it dials is hardware set (via jumpers, switches etc) and can't be changed by software at all...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:16 26 Jun 2004

click here and hit the download. This will protect dial up users from premium lines. The page is in German (kostenlos download) is what you need to hit ;-)) but the install will be in English. BB users need not worry about premium dialers :-)))


  Dorsai 20:27 26 Jun 2004

Ok. So there are solutions to the problem, but i just fail to understand the reason someone took the time to create the problem to start with....

  keith-236785 21:01 26 Jun 2004

I can only guess that maybe they have a payment for the number of hits (visitors) to thier web site. maybe just advertising.

i don't think this would be done for nothing, so best guessing it is for profit.

unknown search sites (some, not all) trying to gain a foothold MAY (thats my get out) use this method to get visitors to thier site.

only other thing i can think of is for the site to secretly use a temporary keylogger or spy software each time you visit the search site to steal private information/passwords/banking details

  grabster 21:08 26 Jun 2004

GANDALF <|:-)> .... is there anyway these diallers can use an adsl connection as it is linked to the phoneline directly ? have recently switched from cable bb to a bt line with bb the thought had never struck me.
just curious...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:14 26 Jun 2004

'site to secretly use a temporary keylogger or spy software each time you visit the search site to steal private information/passwords/banking details'..I'll be rash and say that this has never happened on a home computer before everyone gets paranoid.

The reason for search bars and spam is very simple. Firstly spam....it is irrelevant that we never take any notice of it...the important bit is numbers. each mailing can be up to 10 million or more. From articles that I have read the reply rate is 0.1% or more. On 10 million that is a good return and what people forget is that it costs virtually nothing to send 10 million emails. The adverts are directed at the desperate in society, watching Tricia may give you some idea (hooky drugs, debt relief, boredom. Even if you only get 100 orders you are laughing all the way to the bank, especially as you can run it from your living room and have limited overheads.

Same with search-bars. Surprisingly many people put up with them. Again they make money from page hits and forcing adverts on people, consequently the confirm rate is low but it costs little to send them out.

Most of these companies are laughing all the way to the bank.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:16 26 Jun 2004

If you have BB make sure that your old PC modem is not connected to the phone socket. There is no need for it to be in any case.

  mammak 21:33 26 Jun 2004

dorsai like you i dont understand what these sickos get out of it,
some weeks ago i was hijacked,fine i knew what to do to rid myself,
but what sickend me the most was they were not happy with putting they filthy porn sites on my favs, they did the job of putting them on my 7yr old daughters,
( win xp pro 2 admin accounts then, one now)
I am glad my child was at school when i found this muck, on her account,
god only knows what a child could have got onto,
Before anyone starts shouting i do stay with my child when on the net at least 98% of the time,
sadley that 2% when i wasnt with her could have taken her to god knows where.

  grabster 21:38 26 Jun 2004

GANDALF <|:-)> cheers, i dont actually have a pc modem anyway,when i got the pc built i opted for the ethernet card instead,figured i didnt need one,surely my BB provider will never let me down. ;o)

  VoG II 21:42 26 Jun 2004

Why? is beyond me - especially where about:blank is concerned.

Personally I'd string them up by their testicles but I suppose both stopping hijackers and satisfying my personal fetish would be too much to hope for ;o)

  mammak 21:55 26 Jun 2004

lol VoG™, have they got any by the way,

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