What plug to use when charging battery?

  Ali Shah 02:57 23 Jun 2018


I have a canon 750D and for the life of me, I cant find the original plug that goes into the battery slot, that than charges the battery for the camera. I have two other plugs that have the same slot that fits in the battery charger.

However after charging for a short while I noticed it started getting hot, and I can even smell some burning.

I have noticed Ihave few more plugs that can fit in, but I don't want to try it until I know its safe and correct.

What do I look out for?

At the back of the battery pack charger it says input 100v - 240 v 15va - 20va output 8.4v - 0.7a and than again at the botoom input 0.12a- 0.09a

On the plug just where the fuse is, it says 5A (not sure how relevant this is).

What do I need to look out for. is the plug I use too much for the battery, how do I check.


  mole44 05:01 23 Jun 2018

If the battery is removable and it probably use a mains charger click here

  bremner 08:02 23 Jun 2018

I have the 750D and battery charging is only done by removing the battery and inserting it in the supplied recharger. You cannot charge it whilst it is in the camera.

This is the one supplied with the camera Click Here

  bremner 08:05 23 Jun 2018

Re mole44 link.

I bought one of those as a cheap additional battery - total rubbish, lasted only a few months before failing to charge properly.

  BT 08:05 23 Jun 2018

As mole44 says there are many replacement chargers available for this type of battery.

I always label my Chargers/Mains adapters with the device they belong to.

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