what pc should i buy for gaming

  edelliott1 12:06 28 Oct 2012

hi i have been a gamer for a while on xbox and ps3 but i want to get a computer for gaming what should i buy and what should be the minimum stats for it (i3 i5 i7 4gb ram 8gb that sort of thing) ed

  edelliott1 12:07 28 Oct 2012

i have around £600

  frybluff 18:47 28 Oct 2012

It depends what needs to be included, in that £600. If that's just for the PC, itself, there are plenty of options. Obviously, if you are prepared to build it, yourself, you can get something better, both in performance, and suitability, for your needs, or you can get something reasonable, pre-built, from a specialist, like Chillblast or Dino. Main thing is, avoid the cowboys, offering cheap "gaming" PC's, on the likes of Ebay. Treat with great caution.

If your budget needs to include peripherals, like monitor, operating system, keyboard/mouse, then things become more difficult, and then you are almost forced into a self build, if you want decent performance.

If you confirm these requirements, can put together some "guidance"

  edelliott1 17:08 01 Nov 2012

i mean around £600 for the tower and opertaing system i have evrything else and i need it pre built really

  frybluff 19:06 01 Nov 2012

This would be the best sort of build, from a reliable supplier, using an i5 processor, which has an advantage, over i3, for multi-player, in some games, like BF3. However, apart from an advantage in some such game apps, i3 is just as good, and being cheaper, allows you to squeeze in better graphics. I will look for a decent i3 build, to give you the alternative.

  frybluff 19:10 01 Nov 2012

It doesn't seem to want to let me post a link, Site often has this problem, will try a different way.

  edelliott1 19:44 01 Nov 2012

okay thanks and i dont need a dedicated gpu yet i will have £200-300 in febuary to get one post the link when you can

  frybluff 08:14 02 Nov 2012

Aaah. That will help a lot. To be honest, that one I did manage to locate, although, at least, using decent quality compononents, was fairly weak, but best I could find, al budget. Anything you could really call a gaming PC, of good quality, is well into te 700s, but without GPU, will be able to sort something decent at £600. Will get back to you, later today.

  frybluff 13:41 02 Nov 2012

This is about as good as is possible, at the budget, without graphics card. It does, at least, include high quality case, motherboard, power supply, and processor. 4GB of RAM is adequate, 8GB would be better, but not possible, without "stretching" budget. I wouldn't want to "reduce" elsewhere, to accomodate that. Chillblast

This gets the "core" right. You just need to add something like an MSI, Gigabyte, or XFX Radeon HD7870, or nVidia GTX660Ti, and you will have a good "gamer". Adding an SSD, would give it that extra "edge"

  frybluff 13:52 02 Nov 2012

This site can be really annoying, sometimes. I see it still hasn't accepted customisations. OK doing them manually. Take that "base" system, and do the following upgrades.

Case: Antec 300 TWO

Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LX

RAM: 4GB 1600MHz

Power Supply: BeQuiet 530w

To be honest, not all of those would be my first choice (the advantage of self build), but the least worst option, of those available.

  edelliott1 17:52 02 Nov 2012

i clicked the chillblast link but i didnt come up with specs but i can get the customiser could you write the components you reccomend for me?

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