What PC?

  AubreyS 21:49 08 Aug 2003

Evening all.
Should I or should I not buy a Time PC.


  Djohn 22:05 08 Aug 2003

Can't think of a reason why not! which one do you have in mind? can you post a link to the model? j.

  AubreyS 22:07 08 Aug 2003

Hi there. Yes go to click here then click on the Ultimate Time Machine XP3000+ S3809 for £899.

  gazmania 22:10 08 Aug 2003

Sorry if I've abused the forum. it's just that I couldn't stop laughing......Time.
The specs read well. But i think i'd rather gamble on the Stock Exchange

  Giantsquid 22:11 08 Aug 2003

I see you rate Time rather highly then ?

  Giantsquid 22:13 08 Aug 2003

Me, wait for Medion, or try Mesh Both of mine have been superb......

  dannykerr 22:14 08 Aug 2003

Why do they have sucha bad reputation... if the specs read so well?

  gazmania 22:23 08 Aug 2003

The specs are good, but once you've bought your product don't ever expect to make contact with them again. I can't say I've ever bought a pc from them, but just read the feedbacks on this forum. If you're very confident you can sort out pc problems yourself, it may be worth a chance. That's what it is; a chance!

  Djohn 22:25 08 Aug 2003

Well they both look excellent to me. 320g hard drive in the first one, but no monitor. 180g hard drive with the S3809 + 17" TFT. sounds good to me, and if I was about to buy anew PC, it would certainly be on my list.

Time have a rep. on the forum [Chris], always quick and eager to help with any problems, and to be fair they have worked hard to re-build a reputation, they receive no more complaints than other companies that I'm aware of. Good luck with your choice, whichever one you go for. Regards. j.

PS. gazmania, Did you notice my smiley at the en of post, it was a lighthearted comment, but we do have a forum user by that name. Regards. j.

  AubreyS 22:29 08 Aug 2003

Thanks Djohn. Its useful to know that hey have a rep on the forum. Don't take any notice of gazmania, (I don't :-) Note MY smiley) I know him!

  gazmania 22:30 08 Aug 2003

I did see your smiley & no offence taken. I've seen many of your responses in this forum and they're very helpful.
Kind regards,
Timeophobic (Gaz)

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