What is a parallel install?

  Major Disaster 12:52 28 Jul 2005

I am just about to reinstall windows XP Pro on a laptop and was looking for some guides to hgelp me as this is my first time. I found this site click here and was wondering which guide i want. I want to completely start again with this computer, so i want to reformat the drive and install xp a fresh (so basically in the state as if i had just bought it). What option do i want though a Windows XP Pro install from Windows or a Windows XP Pro Parallel Install from windows. Or what? Please explain to me the differences.

  Legolas 12:56 28 Jul 2005

Im not sure of the difference but you want the Windows XP Pro install from Windows option

  Major Disaster 12:59 28 Jul 2005

Thanks, i have a feeling a parallel install might be something to do with dual booting but im not sure. Could someone please confirm or correct this statement please

  Legolas 13:00 28 Jul 2005

Yep I,ve just had a closer look at the options on the link you give and you definately want the option I said above. Just follow the instructions as laid out in the guide and it will be easy.

  Major Disaster 13:01 28 Jul 2005

Thanks for your help Legolas.

  woodchip 13:03 28 Jul 2005

Why not choose clean install when the XP CD starts

  Legolas 13:05 28 Jul 2005

I have looked at the paralel instal option and it looks like it is installing another copy of XP in a different folder alongside an existing copy of XP

  Major Disaster 13:06 28 Jul 2005

Please explain

  Major Disaster 13:21 28 Jul 2005

One last question
On that guide when it gives the option of formatting which option do i want?
Format the partition using the NTFS file system (quick) OR
Format the partition using the NTFS file system OR
Leave current file system instact? Thanks

  woodchip 14:00 28 Jul 2005

When you boot with the XP CD, it will as if you want to do clean install, Not a Repair it will format and do clean install all in one go

  Major Disaster 15:11 28 Jul 2005

Soory for the slow reply.
That is what i am doing anyway!
Any ideas about the formatting though?

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